Intermediate 5 Day Split Peloton Strength Program by Jermaine Johnson

This morning, Peloton dropped two brand-new split strength training programs. The first one, curated by the skilled Jermaine Johnson, is a 5-day intermediate split strength training plan.

Just like the other split strength training routines, this one spans a week and concentrates on different body areas each day. You can use it repeatedly in the future to keep tabs on your progress. For those with limited weekly availability, there’s also Jermaine’s 3-day intermediate split strength training option that came out last year.

The great news is that this program is open to all Peloton members right away. Unlike some prior programs, it doesn’t require any special access or waiting period.

In the following sections, we’ll delve into all the nitty-gritty details of Jermaine’s fresh split strength training regimen, and we’ll also list the classes it includes.

Program Overview

Program Description

Let’s check out the official scoop on Peloton’s “Jermaine Johnson’s Intermediate 5 Day Split Strength” program:

“Get the most from your workouts with Jermaine’s split training! Over the course of a week, you’ll pump up your strength and beef up those muscles. We’re talking heavy weights and a focus on different body zones in each session. You can do it again and again, keeping tabs on how far you’ve come!”

Program Badges

No Peloton program is complete without its badges. When you finish three classes, you’ll nab a shiny Bronze badge. Complete four, and you’ll upgrade to a Silver badge. But if you conquer all five classes, you’ll proudly wear the coveted Gold badge, a perfect score!

How To Join

As of now, you can hop into programs using Peloton Bikes, Tread, the Peloton Digital app, or the Peloton website. Just head to the programs section, locate Jermaine’s Intermediate 5 Day Split program, and click “Join.” You’ll find it right on the website, ready for you to dive in!

Class List & Schedule

Here’s a rundown of the weekly classes in the program. Keep in mind that Peloton has made some changes to programs, and these classes are now “locked” until you advance in the program. But don’t worry, you can still check out any class by clicking its name in the list below. From there, you can bookmark it or add it to your stack and take it whenever you’re ready!

1st Week Class List & Schedule

Welcome to Jermaine’s Intermediate 5 Day Split! Get ready to ignite your Body Activity with a week of focused strength training that’ll work every part of your body and inspire you to keep pushing for more!

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