Milestones on Feed Screen: New Peloton Feature

The most recent version of the Peloton Bike software adds a new beta feature for select users that enables members to observe the milestones achieved by other members while participating in live courses. It is expected that members who are participating in the beta will now notice high-fives and achievements populating in the feed box located on the left side of the screen within the same box.

These achievements have never been accessible during live rides; they only show up in the normal course of events when attending an on-demand lesson.

For instance, if you are taking an on-demand trip, you may come across a fellow passenger who is commemorating a significant number of rides, such as their 100th, 1000th, etc. ride. Since these milestones are now visible during live rides, this means that you will be able to watch in real-time who of your fellow cyclists are honoring a milestone achievement.

It has been desired for a considerable amount of time by some members, and it would appear that the most recent software update is finally bringing this capability to some of those users. Peloton has not provided any information on the pace of the deployment for this functionality. On the other hand, it was necessary for the users who acquired the functionality to have the most recent version of the program installed.

Even while it is not certain, it is quite probable that this capability may eventually be added to further Peloton devices and modalities, such as the Tread and Row, shortly. At this time, it is unknown whether or if the functionality will also be accessible through the app.

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