Peloton’s Robin Arzón Announces Her 2nd Children’s Book: “Strong Baby”

Peloton coach Robin Arzon just unveiled her second children’s book, titled “Mighty Little One”! You can find it now on Amazon. She joyfully spread the word through her Instagram account.

I’m absolutely delighted to share with you the cover of my upcoming children’s book, STRONG BABY! 💪🏽📚 This book celebrates the natural athleticism in babies. I was inspired by watching Athena and her friends as they playfully explore movement. I truly believe that movement is like medicine for the entire family. You can grab your copy starting February 21, 2023. The link to pre-order is right in my stories. Your support means the world to me, Fam! @littlebrownyoungreaders // The illustrations by @addy_rivera are absolutely beautiful 🎨 #StrongBaby

Peloton’s Robin Arzón Announces Her 2nd Children’s Book

Robin’s new book, “Strong Baby,” serves as a sequel to her first children’s book, “Strong Mama,” which made its debut earlier this year. She penned “Strong Mama” during her pregnancy with her daughter, Athena.

As per the publisher’s details, “Strong Baby” will span 40 pages and is set for release on February 21, 2023. Here’s a sneak peek into what the description says:

Peloton’s Head Instructor, Robin Arzón, doesn’t stop at her New York Times bestseller, “Strong Mama.” She’s back with “Strong Baby,” a book that beautifully tracks a baby’s very first milestones in life, all while using Robin’s unique motivational mantras.

We’re welcoming a new member into our strong family – Pequeño! With the arrival of this little one, both mom and baby are all set to embark on a journey together. From those early days of tummy time to the magical moments of sitting up, crawling, and taking those very first steps, our baby is growing stronger by the day. Mom and dad are right there, sharing in the joy, laughter, dance, workouts, and moments of rest. After all, this family grows stronger when they’re together.

Robin Arzón preaches the power of progress over perfection and incorporates her beloved Peloton mantras to accompany baby’s initial physical achievements, inspiring both parents and their baby to move forward together.

People Magazine has just released an exclusive article, offering more insights into Robin’s second children’s book. The trainer, who candidly shared her commitment to staying active during pregnancy, aims to convey to children that “exercise is like a healing potion, taking care of yourself isn’t selfish, and those feel-good endorphins are pure magic.”

In her latest work, “Strong Baby,” this empowering message continues to shine. Arzón lovingly pens down the initial milestones in a baby’s journey, celebrating the special moments when a mother and her little one move together. She also weaves in some of her cherished Peloton mantras.

Let’s extend our warmest congratulations to Robin on her wonderful new book!

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