Lil’ Kim Peloton – Artist Series Workouts & Classes

Peloton has just dropped exciting news about their upcoming June artist series, and this time, they’re celebrating the trailblazing rapper, Lil’ Kim. They chose Instagram to share the scoop:

“Are you ready to groove with the queen bee? Brace yourself for some fierce beats from the legendary female MC, Lil’ Kim! 🎤✨ Join us in honoring 50 years of Hip Hop with this brand-new Artist Series, and don’t forget to explore the exclusive collection!

P.S. Don’t miss out on her exclusive ‘Hard Core’ Vinyl hitting stores on June 16! 🐝

Lil' Kim Peloton – Artist Series Workouts & Classes

Mark your calendars for Thursday, June 15, because that’s when the magic happens. There will be five classes in total, spread across four different workout styles. Check out the full lineup of Peloton’s Lil’ Kim classes below:

Lil’ Kim Peloton Artist Series Workouts, Classes, and Schedule

Lil' Kim Peloton – Artist Series Workouts & Classes

Peloton will add these fresh classes to its Hip Hop 50 Collection, commemorating 50 years of Hip Hop culture. This unique assortment features classes inspired by iconic artists like 2Pac, Pharrell Williams, and Bad Boy Entertainment. Plus, there’s a range of empowering Women x Hip Hop classes.

We shared the exciting news about the Lil’ Kim series just last month, as Peloton expanded its artist series lineup in June. Notably, they rolled out classes inspired by artists such as The Little Mermaid and Ava Max.

Remember, Peloton members can earn a special artist series badge upon completing any of the invigorating Lil’ Kim classes. The question remains: Will you dive into the world of the Lil’ Kim artist series?

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