Matt Wilpers Recommending What Shoes Go with The Peloton Row

During a recent Instagram “ask me anything” (AMA) session, Peloton instructor Matt Wilpers, one of five Peloton rowing instructors, shared valuable advice on the topic of rowing shoes. Evidently, this is a question he frequently encounters.

The specific question posed to Matt was, “Do you have any recommendations for rowing shoes or a particular type of sole?” In response, Matt clarified that in traditional crew boats, rowers typically wear socks when they step onto the boat. These boats come equipped with built-in shoes to foster a strong connection and efficient energy transfer between the rower’s body and the boat.

He then proceeds to share his method for replicating that crucial connection between your body and the rowing machine indoors – it involves wearing thin-soled shoes. Matt expresses his fondness for strength shoes, with a special nod to Nike Metcons as his top choice for use on a Peloton Row, or any rowing machine, for that matter. It’s important to mention that this recommendation doesn’t appear to be part of any sponsored content.

Matt goes on to emphasize that these shoes offer a reliable and sturdy connection to the erg machine, and as an added perk, he finds them stylish.

It’s worth noting that many members have voiced their agreement with Matt, with some endorsing Nike Metcons, while others suggest trying No Bull Trainer or No Bull Trainer+ shoes for rowing classes.

At the moment, the Peloton clothing website doesn’t offer rowing-specific shoes. However, given that they already sell two types of cycling shoes and a range of socks, it’s possible that rowing shoes might become available in the future. It’s worth mentioning that in the past, the Peloton clothing site used to sell running sneakers, but these are no longer in stock there (though you can find them on third-party or resale websites).

What kind of shoes do you prefer to use for rowing?

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