Peloton’s Foam Rolling Classes – Full List

If you’ve ever taken a Peloton class, you’ve probably heard the instructors suggest following up with one of the dedicated stretching sessions from the extensive Peloton on-demand library. With hundreds of options available, there’s something for everyone.

An interesting discovery in Peloton’s library is the presence of stretches designed specifically for foam rolling. While there are numerous benefits to foam rolling, we won’t persuade you to take foam rolling classes. If you’re interested, Google can provide you with more information about foam rolling. Our goal here is to assist you in finding these classes if you decide to give them a try!

If you own a Bike, Bike+, Tread, or Tread+, you can easily locate the stretch classes by using filters and searching for the keyword “foam.” However, for app users or those looking on Peloton’s website, finding the foam rolling classes can be a bit more challenging. To make it simpler for members, we’ve compiled a list of Peloton’s foam rolling stretching classes.

Hannah Corbin and Rebecca Kennedy are the instructors for Peloton’s foam rolling classes. In the past, there were also classes taught by Jess King and Matt Wilpers, but regrettably, those have been removed.

Keep in mind that Peloton is actively expanding its collection of foam rolling classes, with the latest additions coming in August 2023. Nevertheless, there might be several months between the introduction of new classes, so you may end up revisiting your favorite one, depending on the specific muscle group you’re focusing on.

2023 Peloton’s Foam Rolling Classes

2022 Peloton’s Foam Rolling Classes

2021 Peloton’s Foam Rolling Classes

2019 Peloton’s Foam Rolling Classes

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