Arms & Light Weights Peloton Classes Expanding to The Tread

Peloton has just introduced a fresh twist to their popular Arms & Light Weight classes. Up until now, these classes were exclusively conducted while seated on a Peloton Bike, with cycling instructors as the sole guides.

However, this week, Peloton unveiled a new chapter by offering Arms & Light Weight classes on the Tread. This move has welcomed a brand-new group of instructors into the mix. The exciting announcement was shared with the world through @PelotonStudios’ Instagram stories.

Arms & Light Weights Peloton Classes Expanding to The Tread

On June 14th at 10:00 am ET, Peloton added four initial classes to their on-demand library. Each session lasts for a convenient 10 minutes, mirroring the duration of Arms & Light Weight classes on the Bike. These new classes are led by instructors such as Matty Maggiacomo, Jess King, Jeffrey McEachern (in German), and Joslyn Thompson Rule. It’s a refreshing change for Peloton enthusiasts.

This the very first Arms & Light Weights session designed exclusively for Matty, Jeffrey, and Joslyn. Jess, on the other hand, has been attending several Arms & Light Weights sessions while comfortably seated on the stationary bike. However, these fresh Arms & Light Weight classes come with a unique twist – the instructors will be right on the Treadmill.

Here’s a brief description of the class: Get ready to pick up those free weights and give your arms a great workout! And for the ultimate fitness combo, consider pairing it with a Tread class.

Arms & Light Weights Peloton Classes Expanding to The Tread

The classic Arms & Light Weights description remains unchanged, except for one addition: it now mentions a cycling class. This change hints at the possibility of drawing in more Tread users to combine their running or walking classes with an Arms & Light Weights strength session. Furthermore, Peloton is broadening the opportunity for more instructors to be part of this expansion.

It’s worth noting that these classes can be accessed in the on-demand library, even on non-Tread equipment like the Peloton Bike. This mirrors how Arms & Light Weights classes are accessible on various devices, despite being recorded in the cycling studio.

Arms & Light Weights Peloton Classes Expanding to The Tread

Expect to see a growing number of Arms & Light Weights sessions filmed on a Tread in the near future, alongside the usual ones recorded on a Peloton Bike.

How do you feel about the exciting expansion of Arms & Light Weights content to involve more Peloton instructors and the new filming approach using a Tread?

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