Peloton Is Beta Testing New “Entertainment” Streaming Features

Peloton has introduced a significant beta test, fulfilling a long-standing request from its members: the capability to officially stream videos using a Peloton hardware device. Currently, this feature seems to be exclusively accessible to members in the United States.

Update 3: Some members now have Netflix integrated into Peloton Entertainment, though Amazon Prime TV has not yet reappeared for anyone.

Update 2: Amazon Prime TV has been temporarily withdrawn from the streaming beta.

Update: Peloton seems to be quietly exploring additional streaming services to include in Peloton Entertainment.

In the coming days, certain members will notice a new option labeled “Entertainment” on the “More” screen of their device, where Scenic and Just Work Out content are typically found. This feature enables members to enjoy entertainment content on their tablet while working out.

Peloton Is Beta Testing New Entertainment Streaming Features

Please note that this feature is undergoing testing on the original Bike, Bike+, Tread, Tread+, and Row models, but it is not being tested with the Guide at the moment. A big thanks to #HighXpectations for sharing the images in this article.

As of now, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube TV are accessible to users who have the new Entertainment option. However, platforms like Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, and others are not yet available.

Peloton has also begun displaying a popup message to certain users, informing them about the ongoing test. The message reads:

Peloton Is Beta Testing New Entertainment Streaming Features

“Now you can enjoy your favorite shows while achieving your fitness goals on Peloton Bike, Bike+, Tread, Tread+, and Row. Discover the simplicity of integrating exercise into your daily routine with our inaugural beta streaming feature, exclusively accessible to a select group of U.S. All-Access Members.”

Certainly, there may be numerous inquiries regarding the mechanics of this new feature. Until now, Peloton hardware devices only officially supported Peloton content, without any additional steps required.

Peloton Is Beta Testing New Entertainment Streaming Features

Members can now sign in to their Amazon and YouTube accounts through their Peloton device, granting access to all the content available elsewhere. It’s important to note that streaming content is only possible during individual workouts; you can’t simultaneously take a Peloton instructor-led class and watch your favorite TV show, as there’s no picture-in-picture capability.

The experience of using YouTube TV and Amazon Prime Video on a Peloton device resembles using an embedded web browser. Your usual workout metrics, like cadence and resistance on the Bike, will be displayed on the screen alongside the streaming content. If you’ve ever tried “Just Ride” on the Bike or “Just Walk/Run” on the Tread, this is a similar concept, but instead of a blank Peloton screen, you’ll have content from a streaming service to enjoy.

Peloton Is Beta Testing New Entertainment Streaming Features

There’s also a new toolbar at the top of your screen, allowing you to adjust your Bluetooth and heart rate settings and initiate or conclude your workout. This change is necessary because the usual workout start button, found at the center of the screen during a typical Peloton class, is now occupied by YouTube TV or Amazon Prime Video.

For Tread users, this toolbar also lets you choose whether you want to log your workout as a Walk or a Run.

Your workout will be recorded under “Entertainment” in your Peloton profile. Any distance covered, whether it’s cycling, running, walking, or rowing, contributes to your monthly total. An “Entertainment” workout also counts as a regular class in its respective category (e.g., ride, run, walk, or row). This means it contributes to your milestones, challenges, and maintains your activity streak.

Please note that the Entertainment feature is still in beta testing and is currently available to a randomly selected group of members. The beta will gradually roll out over the next day or two. If you don’t see the feature on your device in the coming days, you’ll likely get it when the feature becomes available to the general public. Unfortunately, we can’t provide a specific timeline for the full release, as it depends on identifying and resolving any bugs or issues during the testing phase.

Peloton Is Beta Testing New Entertainment Streaming Features

When you initiate any of these services for the first time, Peloton makes it clear that it’s an external website. To access it, you’ll need a subscription to that particular service.

Peloton Is Beta Testing New Entertainment Streaming Features

As more details surface, we’ll keep you updated on the progress of Peloton’s fresh Entertainment feature.

What are your thoughts on this new addition? Are you excited about the prospect of streaming content on your Peloton hardware, or are you planning to reserve that for your downtime on the couch? Feel free to share your opinions with us in the comments!

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