New Dance Cardio Peloton Classes With Hainsby, Lovewell & Corbin

Peloton just launched their third Dance Cardio series. You can now enjoy eight brand-new Peloton Dance Cardio sessions featuring instructors like Hannah Corbin, Leanne Hainsby, and Emma Lovewell.

These fresh dance cardio classes from Peloton became available in the on-demand library at 5:00 am ET on Tuesday, June 27th. Each class is designed to be 10 minutes long, including a 5-minute warm-up session and a 5-minute stretching session. Plus, there are options for both beginners and those at an intermediate level.

You can find all the fresh classes in the special Dance Cardio collection. This collection also includes classes from 2021 and 2020, neatly organized by the year they came out.

New Dance Cardio Peloton Classes With Hainsby, Lovewell & Corbin

If you’re familiar with Peloton’s Dance Cardio content, you’ll notice that these are the first classes led by a single instructor. In the past, classes had 2-3 instructors teaching together. It’s also worth mentioning that Leanne Hainsby, a former professional dancer, is making her debut in the Dance Cardio content. Meanwhile, Hannah Corbin and Emma Lovewell both have classes from the earlier releases.

Additionally, Peloton has made use of their in-house studio space for this round of Dance Cardio. Previously, it seemed like Dance Cardio content was filmed at external locations. Now, you’ll find Emma and Hannah teaching their classes in the Peloton Studios New York (PSNY) yoga studio, where they also film Barre and Pilates sessions. On the other hand, Leanne’s class is held in the Peloton Studios London (PSL) strength studio.

New Dance Cardio Peloton Classes With Hainsby, Lovewell & Corbin

This more relaxed approach, with Peloton instructors coaching directly to the camera in Peloton’s regular studio spaces, instead of requiring separate preparations for a special studio setup, suggests that we might see Dance Cardio content released more frequently in the future.

Peloton gave us a sneak peek of these fresh classes through their @PelotonStudios Instagram post in their “This Week at Peloton” update earlier this week.

New Dance Cardio Peloton Classes With Hainsby, Lovewell & Corbin

Dance Cardio made its debut with Peloton in March 2020, and then they followed up with a second series in October 2021. The second installment introduced a new instructor, Callie Gullickson, and included exciting classes featuring Beyoncé and USHER.

To locate all the Dance Cardio classes, you can simply use the “Dance Cardio” filter under the Cardio category, or you can head over to the dedicated Dance Cardio collection.

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