Peloton Adds Financing Option for Refurbished Bikes (Certified Pre-Owned)

Exciting news from Peloton – they’re now offering financing on their certified pre-owned bikes, which they call “Peloton Certified Refurbished Bikes” and “Bike+”. You know, those cost-effective options just got even more budget-friendly with flexible payment plans. They’ve got $0 down and APR rates as low as 0% for different timeframes – 12, 24, 39, and 43 months.

Peloton Adds Financing Option for Refurbished Bikes

Before, you couldn’t get financing for these refurbished bikes, but things have changed. You’ll spot the refurbished bike option now on the Peloton Financing page.

When you’re eyeing a refurbished bike, guess what? You can now choose to pay through Affirm’s financing. In the U.S., the refurbished Bike goes for $1,145, saving you $300 compared to a new one. And if you’re interested in the Bike+, it’s priced at $1,995 – that’s $500 less than a brand-new Bike+.

Back in December 2022, Peloton rolled out their Certified Refurbished program. When you get a refurbished Peloton Bike, it comes with a one-year warranty, and if you’d like, you can extend that warranty later on. And remember, all sales of refurbished bikes are final.

Peloton Adds Financing Option for Refurbished Bikes

Now, while they’re adding financing for one product, they’re taking it away for another – the Peloton Guide. The device support page now says that you can’t finance the Guide anymore.

Oh, and in February 2023, Peloton gave us a pleasant surprise. They permanently dropped the price of the Guide in the U.S. from $295 to just $195, saving you a neat $100.

Peloton Adds Financing Option for Refurbished Bikes
Updated Peloton Guide FAQ page.

Just a heads-up for future purchases – if you’re grabbing the Guide, no more payment plans available. You’ll need to pay the full price for it. So there you have it, all the recent scoop from Peloton!

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