Kygo – New Peloton Artist Series

Kygo will be included in the next part of Peloton’s series highlighting notable artists, as was revealed today. DJ and music producer Kygo is originally from Norway.

Peloton announced the news on social media, writing, “Get ready to party to the enticing tropical house sounds of Kygo.” Dim the lights, pump up the noises and get ready to dance to the music of Kygo.

The program will begin on the 18th of January and will consist of seven courses that will cover four different modalities. Here is the whole class list:

  • Kygo Warm-Up Ride [German] with Charlotte Weidenbach – 10 min – January 18 at 7:30am ET [On-Demand]
  • Kygo Ride with Ben Alldis – 30 min – January 18 at 8:30am ET
  • Kygo Row with Adrian Williams – 15 min – January 18 at 10:00am ET [On-Demand]
  • Kygo Run [German] with Marcel Maurer – 30 min – January 18 at 12:00pm ET
  • Kygo Ride [German] with Erik Jager – 30 min – January 18 at 1:30pm ET
  • Kygo Walk + Run with Joslyn Thompson Rule – 30 min – January 18 at 2:00pm ET
  • Kygo Power Yoga Flow with Aditi Shah – 30 min – January 18 at 6:30pm ET.
Kygo – New Peloton Artist Series

After having completed any of the Kygo classes, members will be eligible to acquire an artist series badge. Be sure to read through the comprehensive range of badges that are offered if you are interested in acquiring extra credentials.

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