Alex Toussaint Will Publish His New Book in 2023

Lately, Alex Toussaint said that he has been hard at work on a new book, which is scheduled to be published later in the year 2023.

Henry Holt and Company is going to be the publisher of the book. The book that will be written by Alex Toussaint will reportedly be titled “Activate Your Greatness,” as stated in a posting for the book on The 10th of October, 2023 is the projected release date for it.

Alex spent his weekend doing a photo session for the new book, and he uploaded some footage and photographs to his Instagram story to share with his followers. Here, he also revealed that he has been writing the book and that he plans to publish it at some point during this year.

Alex spoke about his new book and said, “I’m stoked and pleased to let you’ll know that today’s a very important day.” This was Alex’s first book, and he was quite excited about it. We are now photographing the cover of my book.

Alex Toussaint Will Publish His New Book in 2023

Several current and past members of the Peloton crew, including photographer Isaac James and stylist Lynsey Buckelew, assisted Alex throughout the picture session.

Alex is working on several other projects in addition to the new book, and all of them are scheduled for completion by the end of this year. This includes the possibility of some brand new Alex Toussaint sneakers designed by PUMA, which Alex just revealed on his Instagram account.

In addition to Alex, Emma Lovewell and Robin Arzon have new books in the works that they want to publish in 2023.

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