Peloton NBA Finals Classes With Alex Toussaint, Ally Love, & Jess Sims, For 2023

Peloton just dropped some exciting news: they’re teaming up with the NBA! Get ready because next week, they’re bringing you a bunch of Peloton NBA Finals classes.

But wait, there’s more! Mikal Bridges, the forward from the Brooklyn Nets, was right there in the Peloton Studios New York, making these classes even more special.

They gave us a sneak peek earlier this week on Instagram. They had the NBA finals trophy at Peloton Studios New York, and you could see a bunch of instructors holding it. They hinted at some big news coming, saying, “Check your DMs about a special announcement Friday👀.”

Well, the big announcement came today with another Instagram post. They said, “Larry’s hard work inspired our NBA FINALS CLASSES 🏀 LIVE classes starting June 9th.” You’ll have NBA Finals Full Body Strength with Jess Sims at 12:30 pm ET and NBA Finals Two for One Ride with Ally Love & Alex Toussaint at 1:30 pm ET 🔥.

As they mentioned in their post, Jess Sims will be leading the way in Peloton’s NBA Finals classes, and there’s even a special two-for-one class with Alex Toussaint & Ally Love.

Peloton NBA Finals Classes With Alex Toussaint, Ally Love, & Jess Sims, For 2023

Here’s the full schedule of the NBA Finals Peloton classes for you to check out below:

2023 Peloton NBA Finals Workouts & Schedule & Classes

  • 30 minutes NBA Finals Full Body Strength – With Jess Sims
  • 30 minutes NBA Finals Two for One Ride – With Alex Toussaint & Ally Love.

The ride’s a two-for-one deal, meaning both Ally Love and Alex Toussaint will be right there in the studio, coaching together, side by side.

Now, this partnership with the NBA is just the latest in Peloton’s sports ventures. Back in 2020, Alex Toussaint hosted a special ride for ESPN’s “The Last Dance” documentary. Later that same year, Peloton joined forces with ESPN for a thrilling “Peloton All-Star Ride” that even made its way onto ESPN’s broadcasts.

Peloton NBA Finals Classes With Alex Toussaint, Ally Love, & Jess Sims, For 2023

But here’s the real kicker: all three of these Peloton coaches have their own personal ties to the NBA and basketball. Alex Toussaint has taken the court in the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game for two consecutive years, and he even snagged the MVP title in 2022. Jess Sims, on the other hand, has been the in-arena co-host for the WNBA’s New York Liberty team. And let’s not forget Ally Love, who’s the in-arena host for none other than the Brooklyn Nets, one of the NBA’s finest teams. These coaches really bring the spirit of the game to your Peloton experience.

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