Peloton’s “Pulse Hour” – Live Classes Every Weekday + Pilates Classes With Greenberg

Peloton is bringing the rhythm to your mornings with live barre and pilates classes at 9:30am ET on weekdays. From Monday to Friday, you can count on a live barre or pilates session popping up on the schedule, and they’ve even given this special time slot a catchy name – they’re calling it the “Pulse Hour.”

They spilled the beans about this exciting news on Instagram, inviting everyone to join in on the action from Monday to Friday at 9:30 AM ET for some live barre and pilates fun. And guess what? You’ll get to sweat it out with instructors like Hannah Corbin, Anna Greenberg, Aditi Shah, Ally Love, and Kristin McGee.

Peloton’s “Pulse Hour” – Live Classes Every Weekday

Now, here’s the twist – Peloton already had live barre and pilates classes, but not usually on Thursdays. But hold on to your yoga mats, because they’re not just adding Thursdays to the mix; they’re committing to this weekday schedule under the snazzy “Pulse Hour” label. And don’t worry if you can’t make it to the live session – all classes will be added to the on-demand library for your convenience.

Oh, and there’s more good news: Anna Greenberg is making a comeback to the pilates scene after taking a break since April 2022. She’s got just five pilates classes in the on-demand library right now, but it seems like she’s planning to teach more regularly. You can catch her on Thursdays at 9:30am ET.

As for barre, you’ll still have Hannah Corbin and Ally Love leading the charge. But here’s a fun fact: both of them have taught pilates classes before, so there might be a bit of crossover magic happening. And don’t forget about Aditi Shah and Kristin McGee, who will be keeping the pilates vibes strong, along with Anna.

So, are you ready to pulse it out with Peloton during the Pulse Hour? It’s time to get excited for these live barre and pilates classes!

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