PowerZonePack: What to do between challenges?

A Redittor once asked “For those of you engaged in the Power Zone Pack, how do you spend the interim weeks after one challenge concludes and before the next one kicks off?

One significant advantage of these challenges is that they provide a clear plan and remove the uncertainty of choosing classes. However, when I’m on my own, I often find myself leaning towards the less challenging options.

I’m interested in hearing how others navigate this gap between challenges, making the most of the downtime while anticipating the next one.”

Redittor brighthair84 answered : “I like to follow my list of bookmarked classes. Typically, I start with a PZE session, then switch to a music ride, follow it up with a strength class, and finally, I pick whatever else catches my interest in between.”

StormyTia said: “I typically take on the mini-challenge that gets posted.

This time, I skipped the test because I didn’t notice any improvement. Instead, I thought I’d maintain a higher intensity to gauge if I feel stronger, and I plan to test just before the next challenge begins.

I calculated the total TSS (Training Stress Score) for the past three weeks and discovered that I’ve been fitting in three classes per week within the specified parameters (2-45 PZs and 1-60 Endurance). So, my routine consists of two weeks of higher TSS, followed by one week of lower TSS, and finally, a week dedicated to potential retesting, if I choose to do so.”

Figandfennel answered: “I’ve been diligently pursuing a cycling bingo and a strength bingo each week on Pelotrak to keep myself motivated and maintain structure. I’ve also been gradually working through my backlog of bookmarked classes.

While it’s okay to take it a bit easier during this in-between period, I find that the 30-minute music classes in my bookmarks often push me to higher output levels than my average in the (admittedly longer) PZ classes.

What I truly wish I could do is shift my focus to a dedicated strength program or split workouts and incorporate longer yoga sessions. However, I can’t seem to shake the mindset that I need to maintain a certain weekly cycling quota.”

And there is Misty43810, who said: “This time around, my primary focus is on strength training, and I’ve committed to following the Hardcore on the Floor calendar. In the previous challenge, I went with BYPZ. Additionally, I’ve kept screenshots of the time crunch options from that challenge, which I’ll use to select my cycling rides.”

Finally, Redittor LemonSqueezy1313 answered: “I’m upping my game with more running and a stronger focus on strength! I’ve already enrolled in the 2 running + 2 cycling challenge for the next round, and I can’t wait. During the break weeks, my routine usually includes one 90-minute PZE session per week, complemented by running, bootcamps, strength training, and some enjoyable rides.”

What about you, what do you do between challenges?

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