New Peloton Strength Collection: Roll Call Classes Grouped by Week

Peloton recently unveiled an exciting addition for its valued members, a brand-new collection specially curated for enthusiasts of their beloved Strength Roll Call classes. This fantastic assortment is aptly named “Strength Roll Call.” In their official statement, Peloton states:

Did you happen to miss out on this week’s invigorating Roll Call session, or perhaps you’re eager to relive the experience? Well, you’re in luck! With Peloton Guide, you now have the opportunity to access previous weeks’ Roll Call sessions. Our exceptional instructors are ready to guide you through five meticulously crafted workouts, meticulously designed to eliminate any uncertainty from your strength training regimen.

Please note that while the collection mentions accessing it through the Guide, it’s important to clarify that these classes are now accessible to all members, regardless of whether you own the Guide. Previously, you could only access the classes on a weekly basis through the Guide, but with the introduction of the Strength Roll Call Collection across all platforms, this limitation no longer applies.

New Peloton Strength Collection Roll Call Classes Grouped by Week

The collection is neatly organized by weeks, making it convenient for members to keep up with the latest content or explore past weeks as per their preference. Each week offers a set of five classes, with occasional variations. These classes cover a range of focuses, including full-body workouts, exercises for glutes and legs, upper-body strength training, and core strengthening routines.

At the time of this publication, the collection boasts an impressive 157 classes, and the good news is that more will continue to be added on a weekly basis. This growing collection features 11 dedicated instructors who are well-versed in leading Roll Call classes.

New Peloton Strength Collection Roll Call Classes Grouped by Week

Peloton initially introduced Roll Call classes in the spring of 2022, and they’ve become a popular choice among members. These classes occur live every weekday at 7:30am ET, with a unique instructor and a specific body focus for each day, ensuring a diverse and engaging workout experience.

The convenience of accessing the new Strength Roll Call Collection extends to various platforms, including your Peloton App, hardware devices, and the Peloton website, providing members with flexibility in how they enjoy these invigorating workouts.

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