Samara Joy Artist Peloton Series – Classes and Workouts

While Peloton Studios takes a brief break on July 3-4, members have exciting things ahead! There’s new content in store, and guess what? They’re bringing a surprise artist series with none other than the Grammy-winning jazz sensation, Samara Joy. The Peloton team made sure everyone knows about it by sharing the news on their Instagram page.

Experience the velvety and soul-soothing melodies of Grammy-winning jazz sensation @samarajoysings 🎺. Let her enchanting voice guide you in a unique yoga-only Artist Series 😌.

Samara Joy Artist Peloton Series – Classes and Workouts

In an exciting twist, Samara Joy herself shared the news through a video message. The series is set to premiere on Monday, July 3rd, offering not one but two yoga classes. Check out the full class list below:

Samara Joy Artist Peloton Series: Schedule, Classes, and Workouts

For those who complete any of the Samara Joy classes, members will earn an exclusive artist series badge as a token of achievement.

Additionally, Peloton has just unveiled some special Fourth of July classes to keep you active and engaged. Remember, both Peloton Studios New York (PSNY) and Peloton Studios London (PSL) will be closed on July 3-4, so there won’t be any live classes during those days.

Are you ready to dive into the soothing rhythms of Peloton’s Samara Joy artist series?

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