Peloton Adds New Collection for Total Strength 60 With Andy Speer

Peloton has just introduced a fresh lineup, specially dedicated to instructor Andy Speer’s “Total Strength 60” sessions. These are hour-long strength training classes, as the name suggests. The new collection, known as the Total Strength 60 Collection, is now accessible through the app, web browser, and Peloton hardware devices.

Here’s what you’ll find in this collection: a variety of strength, power, and conditioning resources, all curated to enhance your total strength journey. Follow along with Andy Speer as he leads you through the TS60 class series. Ready to dive in? Let’s get started!

New Collection for Total Strength 60

Currently, there are 39 classes in the collection, though more are likely to be added over time as Andy consistently introduces new classes.

Andy’s signature strength series, Total Strength, consists of 60-minute classes – the only ones of their kind on the Peloton platform. He conducts these classes almost every week. Additionally, he offers two distinct total strength programs: Total Strength and Total Strength 2.

This fresh collection is dedicated to Andy’s hour-long classes. The classes are grouped based on their focus, making it easier for members to navigate the collection and create a training plan.

New Collection for Total Strength 60
Total Strength 60 Sub-categories

For instance, there are two “launch block” classes that offer an introductory experience. The collection also includes categories centered around power, bodyweight and core “deloading,” squats, hypertrophy, rock music, Andy’s personal picks, and more.

Access the new Total Strength 60 Collection via the Peloton App, hardware devices, and the Peloton website. Get ready to embark on your total strength journey!

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