Yoga Peloton Class with Rayburn & Oyeneyin (Focus Flow for Riders)

If you’re a fan of Peloton’s yoga classes with a cycling twist, you’re in for a treat! There’s an exciting new class in town, and it comes with a special guest. Tunde Oyeneyin, the expert in cycling, Bike Bootcamp, and Strength, has teamed up with Ross Rayburn for a brand-new 15-minute class called “Focus Flow: For Riders.” This fantastic session is now available in the on-demand library, and it was added on Friday, July 7th. Enjoy the ride!

Yoga Peloton Class with Rayburn & Oyeneyin (Focus Flow for Riders)

Earlier this week, a sneak peek of the class was shared on @PelotonStudios’ “This Week at Peloton” post. In the class, Ross takes charge of the instruction, with Tunde gracefully demonstrating the postures beside him. This session welcomes beginners and centers around loosening up your hips and quads. It’s a bit different from the usual two-in-one class because Tunde plays the role of a dedicated student, following Ross’ guidance closely.

Notably, Tunde and Ross recently made a joint appearance at a special meet-and-greet event during the grand opening of two Dick’s Sporting Goods stores in Houston, Texas.

Here comes another exciting edition of a special guest cross-training yoga class! Just last month, we had the pleasure of watching Matt Wilpers team up with Denis Morton in a focus flow designed for runners.

If you’re on the hunt for more cross-training yoga classes, whether it’s for cycling, running, or rowing, make sure to explore their dedicated Peloton collection. We’ve got something for everyone!

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