“Workout of The Day”- New Feature on The Peloton Web Browser & App

Peloton is gradually introducing a fresh addition to their app and web browser called “Workout of the Day.” Some users might have already spotted a newly highlighted workout displayed on their home page. It’s worth mentioning that this feature isn’t available to everyone just yet, as they’re still in the process of rolling it out to all members.

For those using the Peloton app, you can find this feature located below the “active challenges” section. On the web browser home page, it’s positioned a bit further down the screen, right under both the “active challenges” and the live and upcoming schedule section. Keep in mind that not all members will see this feature on both the app and web browser simultaneously, as it gradually becomes accessible to everyone.

“Workout of The Day”- New Feature on The Peloton Web Browser & App

This feature shines a spotlight on a specific workout for the day. Unlike the majority of other classes you see on the home page, the workout of the day doesn’t show a date or time, only the type of class and the Peloton instructor.

“Workout of The Day”- New Feature on The Peloton Web Browser & App

Once you finish the workout of the day, it will show a “completed” icon for the rest of the day. It’ll also let you know how many other Peloton members have done the same workout.

“Workout of The Day”- New Feature on The Peloton Web Browser & App

Please keep in mind that this class shows up in your profile just like all the others. Right now, there’s no special mark indicating it was the “workout of the day,” and there’s no badge given for finishing it.

The feature started its rollout at the close of June, and those members who got it first have noticed new daily workouts ever since. The count of members completing the workout each day is increasing, which suggests that more and more members are getting access to this feature as it continues to roll out.

Up to now, the workout of the day has mostly included classes like strength, yoga, and meditation—basically, content that doesn’t need a Peloton hardware device. These classes are also accessible to members using the Peloton App One, which is part of Peloton’s recently unveiled app lineup.

The fresh “workout of the day” feature reminds us of the “Your Daily Workouts” feature introduced in the app in 2022. The main distinction is that the workout of the day is a single class recommended for all members, whereas “Your Daily Workouts” offers personalized recommendations.

If you haven’t spotted Peloton’s new “workout of the day” feature yet, be on the lookout for it on your app and web browser in the coming weeks.

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