Max Martin Peloton Workouts & Classes – Featured Producer Series 

Peloton just revealed their upcoming music series, focusing on the work of Swedish pop songwriter Max Martin, who is actually a producer in this instance. The announcement was made on Instagram:  

Check your music expertise! 🤨 Dive into our latest Max Martin Producer Series showcasing famous tunes by Taylor Swift, Backstreet Boys, The Weeknd, Britney Spears, and others. And don’t miss out on the @andjulietbway classes, highlighting hits from Max’s entire career 👏🏼 

The message contained a video with instructors Matty Maggiacomo and Mariana Fernández engaging in a music trivia game. The series is set to kick off on Thursday, August 24, offering eight classes in five different styles, including three classes in German. All sessions will be added directly to the on-demand library, with no live classes scheduled for this series. See the full list of classes below: 

Max Martin Schedule & Classes & Workouts – Featured Producer Peloton Series 

  • 20 minutes Max Martin Ride with Benny Adami [On Demand, German] 
  • 10 minutes Max Martin Arms & Light Weights with Charlotte Weidenbach [On,Demand, German] 
  • 30 minutes Max Martin Run with Tobias Heinze [On Demand, German] 

Members who participate in any of the Max Martin producer series classes can anticipate earning an exclusive artist series badge.  

It’s worth mentioning that Peloton hosted special & Juliet classes last April, showcasing songs composed by Max Martin from the popular Broadway musical. 

Peloton has also organized dedicated artist series for various musicians whose songs are featured, including Britney Spears, The Weeknd, and others. 

Are you planning to join Peloton’s Max Martin producer series classes? 

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