Adrian Williams Off Peloton Schedule While Recovering from Surgery

Adrian Williams is taking a break from teaching classes at Peloton due to surgery for a bone spur in his elbow, but he reassures everyone that he’ll be back. He shared this news in a video on his social media.

In his video captioned “Life Updates,” Adrian makes it clear that he’s not disappearing: “Appreciate the Love, I’m well, just healing. Taking a moment but DON’T worry I’m not going anywhere 😁.”

He encourages people to keep up with their wellness routines, pointing out that there are plenty of on-demand options for Bootcamps, strength training, rowing, and running.

Adrian expresses his concern that people might be more worried about him stepping away than understanding he needs time for himself. He discloses that the reason for his break is a bone spur in his elbow that developed from a hyperextension incident in 2018. Initially, he thought he’d recovered fine, but a couple of months ago, his arm locked at 90 degrees. Although physical therapy helped his mobility, his nerves weren’t back to 100%.

Adrian underwent an MRI, which revealed “floaties” and bone growth. Faced with limited teaching capabilities or reduced range of motion, he opted for surgery. For him, teaching and training at less than full capacity didn’t make sense.

hot instructor Adrian Williams Off Peloton Schedule While Recovering from Surgery

Following his surgery, Adrian visited his doctor last week and is now on the healing journey. He’s taking time off to properly care for his body and anticipates a standard healing process involving physical therapy and proper care.

Despite his break, Adrian is signed up for the D10 event to support pediatric cancer fundraising from June 10th-11th, 2023. He’s hopeful about participating, even if he needs to adjust some activities. He emphasizes that the charity cause is what matters most.

While Adrian won’t be live, his on-demand classes are still available on the Peloton platform. Some new classes might appear as well. His most recent live class was a Thunder 45 session on April 17th.

Though Adrian hasn’t specified how long he’ll be off the Peloton schedule, he promises to keep everyone posted on his healing progress. You can watch Adrian’s full video for more details.

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