Alex Toussaint To Teach Outdoor Runs & Tread Walks; Gentry To Return To Tread Bootcamps

It seems that Peloton enthusiasts who enjoy the running and outdoor content are in for a treat soon. The running coaches are planning to introduce new types of classes.

One of Peloton’s instructors, Alex Toussaint, is broadening his running offerings. He’s adding outdoor runs and Tread walks to his repertoire. This was hinted at when he shared a picture on his Instagram story. The photo depicted him in a studio that’s typically used for recording outdoor running sessions.

Alex Toussaint appearing to film outdoor running content.
Alex Toussaint appearing to film outdoor running content.

Alex has been mainly focused on teaching runs on the Tread since his debut as an instructor in November 2022. He hasn’t ventured into teaching walks, walk + runs, or hikes. Additionally, he hasn’t released any audio-only outdoor running content. However, this is about to change, although the exact timing isn’t confirmed yet.

Another noteworthy update involves Becs Gentry. She appears to be making a return to instructing Tread bootcamp classes or pre-run warm-ups. A video she posted on her Instagram story showed her preparing to film a class in the Tread studio, complete with a mat in front of the Tread.

This could imply a couple of things. It might mean that Becs was filming a Tread bootcamp class, a format she hasn’t taught on Peloton since 2019 (currently, there are 8 Tread bootcamps available on-demand from her). Alternatively, she might be planning more pre-run warm-up stretches, something she hasn’t taught since 2021.

Becs Gentry Instagram story.
Becs Gentry Instagram story.

Becs hasn’t explicitly mentioned the type of class she was filming, nor has she disclosed the release date in the video. The prospect of Alex expanding to walks and outdoor runs, and the possibility of Becs returning to Tread bootcamps or pre-run warm-up stretches, is certainly exciting. Keep an eye out for these updates!

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