Peloton Studios Closed with No Live Classes From April 11-12, 2023 (Second Annual Instructor Summit)

The Peloton Studios in New York and London will be closed on Tuesday, April 11th, and Wednesday, April 12th, 2023. There won’t be any live classes on those days. Live classes will start again at the New York studio on Thursday at 7:30am ET. However, the London studios will stay closed on both Thursday and Friday, and they’ll resume live classes on Saturday morning.

Peloton Studios Closed with No Live Classes From April 2023

Although Peloton hasn’t officially stated the reason, it seems they’re closing the studios for a global Peloton instructor summit. Good news: Peloton has now confirmed that it’s the second annual Instructor Summit. They shared on social media: “BREAKING NEWS! Our PSL instructors have arrived in NYC for our second annual Instructor Summit. Stay tuned for more 👀.”

This explains why the London studios are closed longer than the ones in New York – the coaches need time to fly back home after the summit and meetings. Social media posts reveal that UK and German instructors are either in NYC or on their way there. Some UK coaches are even taking live classes with the New York team. For instance, Marcel attended Olivia’s class, and Charlotte joined Ally’s class. Many coaches are also sharing Instagram stories of their adventures in New York City. Just a reminder, the first Peloton instructor summit was held in June 2022.

Peloton Studios Closed with No Live Classes From April 2023
Screenshot of Peloton schedule showing the closure and no live classes April 11-12.

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