Peloton Expands the Bike/Bike+ Rental Program to Canada

Peloton has some exciting news for our friends up north! They’re bringing their bike rental program to Canada, and it’s a game-changer. Originally known as the One Peloton Club, this program lets you rent a Peloton Bike and combine the cost of the bike with your monthly subscription fee.

In a recent press release, Peloton shared the update. After a successful run in the US market in 2022, they’re now rolling out the Peloton Rental program to Canada, starting right away. This move is all about making Peloton more accessible, allowing potential new members to dive into the Peloton experience without any long-term commitments.

So, here’s the deal for our Canadian friends: If you’re in certain provinces, you can rent the original Peloton Bike for $129 CAD per month. Or if you’re looking for a little more, the Bike+ is available for $169 CAD per month. And guess what? That monthly fee already covers the All-Access Subscription that you need for all the Peloton goodness. But there’s a one-time setup fee of $250 CAD for both the original Bike and the Bike+.

Peloton Expands the Bike Bike+ Rental Program to Canada

Oh, and remember the FAQs about the Peloton Rental Program? Well, they’ve got a new section just for Canada now. Before, it only talked about the program being in the continental United States. This Canadian expansion might just be a sign of even more exciting things to come, like maybe the program heading to the UK, Germany, and Australia.

Let’s quickly go over the key details of the Peloton Rental program:

  • You can only rent the original Peloton Bike and the Bike+, not the Tread or Row.
  • When you join, you sign up for a One Peloton Agreement that you can cancel anytime.
  • If you decide to cancel, within 30 days, Peloton will swing by to pick up the Bike/Bike+. But after that, you lose access to the Peloton content.
  • If you don’t schedule the pickup within 30 days of canceling, you’ll keep getting charged the monthly fee.
  • If you fall in love with your rental and want to keep it forever, you can buy it out. The price is in your Peloton Rental agreement.
  • Your Peloton Bike/Bike+ is covered by the Limited Warranty for as long as your One Peloton Club agreement lasts.
  • Sorry, this offer isn’t for current members or folks who had an All-Access membership in the past year.

Peloton introduced the rental program in 2022 and quickly shook things up with some changes. It kicked off in a few test markets and soon spread to more states. Eventually, they opened it up to the whole continental US and let people sign up online.

Curious for more? Check out the press release and support page to dig into all the details about Peloton’s journey to Canada!

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