Peloton Delivery Update for Replacement Seat Posts For Original Peloton Bike Recall

In the past week, folks who own the original Peloton Bike in the US and Canada have been busy placing orders for their free replacement seat posts. This move comes as part of the solution approved by the CPSC last week, aiming to rectify the seat post issue for the Peloton Bike as part of the official recall.

However, for most owners, the replacement seat post’s arrival time remains a mystery. On a brighter note, Peloton stepped in on Friday with an email update for those who’ve requested replacement seat posts. Though, it seems like patience will still be required as the majority of members will have to wait a bit longer for their replacements.

Peloton is taking a methodical approach by categorizing owners into three groups and rolling out the replacement seat posts in stages. This strategy aims to prioritize those most likely to encounter the seat breakage issue, as previously seen in the Canadian recall. This concern primarily affects users who are taller than 5’11” (180 cm) and weigh more than 250 pounds (114 kg).

The initial group (let’s call them Group 1) includes those who’ve filled out their profiles and indicated they weigh over 250 pounds, or stand taller than 5’10”. Also, it covers those who haven’t provided their weight details.

The second group encompasses those without height or weight information filled in, particularly in cases where this data might not be available, such as in hotels and similar settings.

The final group consists of all other owners who have requested replacement seat posts.

Peloton Delivery Update for Replacement Seat Posts For Original Peloton Bike Recall

Peloton has set the target for Group 1 members to receive their replacement seat posts by June 2, 2023. That’s two weeks from now, or three weeks from when the recall notice was sent out.

When it comes to Groups 2 and 3, Peloton hasn’t offered further specifics. Instead, they’re guiding these owners to check for updates and delivery estimates starting June 2nd on

For those who haven’t yet placed an order for the original Peloton Bike’s replacement seat post, you can do so by following this link:

It’s essential to note that this recall only affects the original Peloton Bikes in the US and Canada. Owners in Australia, the United Kingdom, and Germany can breathe a sigh of relief as their bikes are not impacted by this situation.

In an email shared with members, Peloton expressed gratitude for requesting the replacement seat post and acknowledged that delivery might take a bit longer than expected due to high demand. They’re actively collaborating with their supply chain partners to ramp up production and meet the demand as swiftly as possible.

The priority order for seat post fulfillment is based on certain criteria and member data up until May 18, 2023:

  1. Members weighing above 250 pounds (113 kg) or taller than 5’10” (178 cm) without a recorded weight.
  2. Members missing height and/or weight information, or in cases where these details might be unknown due to usage environment.
  3. All other members requesting replacement seat posts.

Members in Group 1 can anticipate their new seat posts no later than Friday, June 2, 2023.

For those in Groups 2 and 3, patience is truly appreciated. Starting Friday, June 2, 2023, the latest updates on estimated delivery dates can be checked at Peloton will keep members informed through ongoing updates on the Order History page as they collaborate with their supply chain partners.

In the meantime, if questions arise, Peloton’s recall FAQs or the Support team are ready to assist.

Peloton extends gratitude for your patience and values your membership.

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