Peloton Ed Sheeran Classes & Interviews for New Album Subtract

Peloton’s got something exciting going on this morning – they’ve rolled out new classes to support Ed Sheeran’s fresh album, “Subtract.” Three classes are up for grabs, all outdoor audio walking sessions, exclusively on the Peloton app. Speaking of the app, there are new pricing tiers on the horizon for this month.

Now, these classes are a bit different from the usual Peloton setup. They’ve got Ed Sheeran himself sharing the stories behind his songs, along with mini interviews by Jon Hosking as the class goes along. Ed pops in between each song as you go through the class.

Peloton Ed Sheeran Classes & Interviews for New Album Subtract
Jon Hosking & Ed Sheeran recording the new Peloton classes.

And guess what? If you’re up for the 60-minute class, you’ll groove to every track from the new album. The recording happened in person, as shown in some behind-the-scenes pics on Peloton Studios’ Instagram.

List of Ed Sheeran Subtract Peloton Classes

As a bonus, you can snag a shiny new badge for completing any of these three classes.

Peloton dropped a press release about this fresh format. They timed it with the “Subtract” album release in May for Mental Health Awareness Month. They’re stepping up their outdoor content, offering members a unique workout with Ed Sheeran’s tunes, chats, and mindful walks. Classes are 30 or 60 minutes long, and they’re even throwing in a 30-minute German class. For the first time, you can enjoy the full album outdoors during the 60-minute class.

Peloton Ed Sheeran Classes & Interviews for New Album Subtract
Peloton highlighting the new Ed Sheeran classes in the Peloton app.

This isn’t just any collaboration; it’s a brand-new way for Peloton to team up with an artist. According to Gwen Bethel Riley, Peloton’s SVP of Music and Content Partnerships, they’re breaking new ground here.

Remember the Ed Sheeran artist series in 2021? Peloton’s no stranger to his music. This new album support is another exciting chapter.

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