Kirsten Ferguson Off Peloton Schedule While Recovering from An Injury

Peloton’s energetic instructor, Kirsten Ferguson, is taking a temporary break from her usual spot on the Peloton schedule in the upcoming weeks. The reason? She’s in the process of recovering from an injury, a fact she personally conveyed through her Instagram post.

In her heartfelt message, a candid snapshot shows Kirsten bravely standing on crutches. She opens up about her journey, saying:

“Here’s what’s been going on… I paid close attention to what my body was telling me. I followed my doctors’ advice. And now, I’m on the mend. Guess what? I’ll be making a comeback, stronger than ever!!”

Kirsten shares three powerful affirmations she’s holding onto as she navigates this challenging phase:

  1. I’m Embracing Each Breath Kirsten acknowledges the profound strength that stems from the simple act of breathing. She’s committed to breathing purposefully with every step, drawing empowerment from this fundamental rhythm.
  2. Eyes Wide Open to the Journey With her eyes metaphorically wide open, Kirsten is staying receptive to the lessons and revelations that might unfold during her recovery. She believes there’s something meaningful to be unveiled in this chapter, a hidden treasure she might have missed without going through this experience.
  3. Moving Onward and Upward Kirsten acknowledges that the path ahead won’t be without its challenges. However, she’s resolutely choosing growth over stagnation. Every hurdle is an opportunity for her to evolve, and she’s embracing it wholeheartedly.
Kirsten Ferguson Off Peloton Schedule While Recovering from An Injury

As Kirsten subtly hinted, her absence from the live schedule led to speculation among members. In a video update, she doesn’t dive into the specifics of her injury but reveals she had been enduring discomfort for some time. Guided by medical advice, she opted for a procedure on May 11, and it went well. Her recovery journey is underway.

During her hiatus from the live schedule, Kirsten assures members that there’ll be pre-recorded on-demand content to keep them motivated. Notably, Adrian Williams is also taking a break due to an injury. He underwent elbow surgery in April and hasn’t disclosed his return timeline yet.

Our warmest wishes go out to Kirsten for a swift recovery! Let’s send her all the positive energy as she embarks on this healing journey.

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