Peloton Game Lanebreak Levels Now Appear In On-Demand Library, Class Search, And Class Filters

Peloton has introduced a small yet handy change to enhance the Lanebreak experience. Now, Lanebreak users can easily access it not just through the “More” tab on their hardware device, but also through the On Demand library and the search feature.

The announcement about this Lanebreak enhancement was made by Peloton on Instagram as they introduced the Lanebreak Tread, which debuted just last week.

In the past, the only way to access the full Lanebreak catalog was by clicking the “More” tab and then entering Lanebreak, which was separate from the rest of the On Demand library. However, with the recent software update, members can look forward to finding Lanebreak content seamlessly integrated into the On Demand library.

Peloton Game Lanebreak Levels Now Appear In On-Demand Library

The placement of Lanebreak levels within the library will be determined by their release date. You can also utilize the class filters already integrated to discover Lanebreak levels. If you choose to use the Warm Up / Cool Down filters, you’ll find many Lanebreak levels grouped accordingly.

Furthermore, when you use the search function, Lanebreak will now be included in the results. For instance, if you type “Madonna” into the search bar, you will not only see all the Madonna classes but also any relevant Lanebreak levels that match your search.

Peloton Game Lanebreak Levels Now Appear In On-Demand Library

Before, Peloton Lanebreak didn’t show up when you searched because it was completely apart from the regular on-demand library.

Now, you can click on a Lanebreak level in the on-demand library and access details about the level, similar to how you’d check out a regular class with an instructor. Once you’re there, simply hit “play” to start the level.

Peloton Game Lanebreak Levels Now Appear In On-Demand Library

This change applies to both the Bike and the Tread. Lanebreak made its debut on the Tread just a few days ago, and there are some notable distinctions from the original version. If you want to delve deeper into these differences, feel free to explore our overview article.

This modification is expected to enhance the accessibility of Lanebreak for members and provide a more constant reminder of its availability.

Are you looking forward to benefiting from this Lanebreak update in the future?

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