Recall for Peloton Bike (Original Model Pl01) Issued by CPSC

Earlier today, Peloton and the CPSC jointly declared a recall for the Peloton Bike due to a specific issue with the seat post. This pertains exclusively to the original model of the Peloton Bike, specifically those with version number PL01. If you own the newer Peloton Bike+, you’re in the clear.

The concern lies with the seat post of the bike, as there have been instances where it can unexpectedly break at the weld point. Approximately 35 incidents have been reported so far out of the roughly 2.16 million original Peloton Bikes sold in the US.

Update: Although the official recall applies to original Peloton bikes sold between January 2018 and May 2023, Peloton has gone the extra mile and extended this offer to all owners of the original Peloton bike in the US, regardless of when it was purchased. They’ve made this announcement on their social media platforms.

Update 2: Canada has also been included in the recall, with a particular emphasis on users taller than 5’11” (180 cm) and weighing over 250 pounds (114 kg).

Update 3: Peloton has detailed the anticipated shipping and delivery timelines for the free replacement seat posts.

Peloton has created a dedicated webpage on their site with comprehensive information and FAQs regarding the recall.

For all US members who possess the original Peloton Bike (model PL01), a new seat post is being made available. You can request your free replacement seat post through Peloton’s website. Installation is a do-it-yourself process once you receive the replacement. Peloton has also put together an installation video for guidance.

To determine if your bike is impacted by this recall, you can follow these guidelines provided by Peloton:

  • Check for the PL-01 model number on the label near the flywheel.
  • Look for the red “P” logo followed by the white “Peloton” name on the bike’s frame.
  • Confirm that your bike’s display doesn’t swivel.

Remember, this voluntary recall only applies to the original Peloton Bike sold in the US. International models and the North America Bike+ remain unaffected.

While there have been concerns about seat post issues in both the original Bike and the newer Bike+, this recall addresses a specific problem with the weld joint and the risk of breakage in the original Peloton Bike’s seat post.

Peloton paused the sale of the Bike temporarily to implement these changes. However, the Bike is expected to be available for purchase again soon, with all future bikes featuring the updated seat post.

Peloton is committed to ensuring that all affected Bike owners are informed. Emails will be sent to both Bike and Bike+ owners, and there will also be an alert on the tablet for impacted Bike owners.

Unlike the Tread+ recall, which led to refunds, this recall offers a free replacement seat post. For those affected, you can order the replacement and it will be shipped directly to you. The standard product return policy still applies.

This marks Peloton’s fourth recall. They previously recalled pedals for first-generation bikes in October 2020, followed by recalls for the Peloton Tread and Tread+ in May 2021. While the Tread returned to the market after a few months, the Tread+ remains under recall.

Stay tuned for updates, and if you have questions, Peloton’s support page has further information.

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