Peloton Offers New Financing Option with Citizens Pay in The US

Peloton just got some exciting news for its customers in the United States! Now, in addition to Affirm, there’s another financing option available – Citizens Pay. While Affirm is still an excellent choice, Peloton wants to give customers a second option to think about when they’re ready to buy.

Here’s the cool part: Unlike Affirm, which links to a specific device, Citizens Pay offers a credit line that you can use for multiple Peloton purchases. It’s like having a little financial flexibility.

Peloton’s financing page has had a makeover to include Citizens Pay. Plus, there’s a helpful section that explains the differences between these two options. So, when you’re ready to invest in your fitness journey, you’ve got more choices than ever!

Peloton has a nifty feature where you can choose how to pay for your purchases. They’ve got two options: Affirm and Citizens Pay, both designed to make your life easier by splitting your payments into smaller monthly chunks.

Now, let’s break it down:

  1. Affirm: This is like a loan you can use for specific Peloton products. You pay it back in monthly bits to Affirm.
  2. Citizens Pay: This one’s a bit different. It’s like a flexible credit line. As you pay off your monthly installments, your credit line fills back up, ready for more Peloton purchases.

So, whether you prefer loans or a credit line, Peloton’s got you covered to make sure you can keep rocking your fitness journey!

Peloton Offers New Financing Option with Citizens Pay in The US

The page for financial help got a fresh update to show off the brand-new Citizens Pay option. Plus, Peloton just rolled out a special landing page just for Citizens Pay.

Peloton Offers New Financing Option with Citizens Pay in The US

You can choose financing for 12, 24, 39, or 43 months, starting with $0 down. The APR is 0% for 12 months or 4.99% for 24, 39, or 43 months.

It’s important to know that Citizens Pay does a thorough credit check. This can affect your credit score and stay on your credit reports for about two years.

To get started, when you’re buying from Peloton, pick “pay over time” during checkout. Then, fill out the Citizens Pay application, choose your payment plan, and pick how you want to pay back.

Peloton Offers New Financing Option with Citizens Pay in The US

Remember, when you buy a hardware device, it’s not the same thing as the monthly All-Access membership.

To find out more about Peloton’s fresh financing choice with Citizens Pay, head to the main financing page or check out the support article.

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