Peloton Removes Amazon Prime Video from its Entertainment Beta

It seems like Amazon Prime Video got taken out of the Peloton Entertainment beta test. Folks in the beta group have been saying they can’t find Amazon Prime Video anymore, only YouTube TV. We think it might just be a temporary thing, but we’re not completely sure right now.

Peloton Removes Amazon Prime Video from its Entertainment Beta

Peloton Entertainment is a fresh feature from Peloton, letting members watch stuff on their hardware gadget. They started testing it out in late June, but it’s kinda exclusive, not everyone can try it. There was this moment when some extra streaming choices popped up for some folks, but they vanished just as quick as they came.

Now, about Amazon Prime Video going away, Peloton left a comment on Facebook’s Official Peloton Member Page, and here’s what they said:

Peloton Removes Amazon Prime Video from its Entertainment Beta

Right now, we’re trying out something called a closed beta for Streaming Video. If you’re in this beta test group, you might notice some tweaks, like what streaming services are available. We’re doing this to make sure we give you the best experience, check how well the tech works, and work closely with our partners.

Certain users currently enjoying the Peloton Entertainment feature have encountered problems when trying to use Amazon Prime Video. To be more specific, they’ve been seeing an error message telling them that a digital rights component is missing. It’s not entirely clear if the removal of Amazon Prime Video from Peloton Entertainment is connected to this error message. We’ll keep you posted with any updates on the Peloton Entertainment feature as we learn more.

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