New Peloton Split Strength Training Programs with Johnson & Alldis – July 31st

Exciting news awaits Peloton’s split strength training enthusiasts! Mark your calendars because, by the end of this month, there will be two brand-new programs to dive into. Ben Alldis and Jermaine Johnson, both hailing from the U.K., are all set to introduce their second split strength programs on July 31, 2023.

Latest update! Just as hinted, both the fresh programs made their debut on July 31st. You can discover the 3-day intermediate split strength program led by Ben Alldis right here, and the 5-day intermediate split strength program guided by Jermaine Johnson here.

Peloton shared this exciting news through their “July Workouts to Watch” email, stating:

Get ready to boost your strength and pack on muscle with the launch of two fresh Split Training programs. These courses, guided by the expert instructors Ben Alldis and Jermaine Johnson, focus on heavier weights and target specific body areas. Mark your calendar for July 31st when these exciting classes become available!

New Peloton Split Strength Training Programs with Johnson & Alldis 2

For those who may not be familiar, Peloton’s new split strength training programs offer a unique twist compared to their regular strength workouts. Instead of focusing on broad body areas like full body, lower body, upper body, or core, these split strength classes zero in on specific muscle groups highlighted in the class name, like chest, triceps, legs, back, and more. These classes also tend to be longer and are structured for a week-long regimen that you can repeat to boost your strength.

It’s worth noting that Ben and Jermaine may unveil their exciting new split strength training programs exclusively on the Peloton Guide platform initially. This exclusivity might last for around seven weeks, offering an exciting opportunity for early access.

Last October, both Ben and Jermaine introduced their inaugural split strength training programs. You can discover details about each of these programs through the following links:

Please note that there are also four unique split strength programs offered by Peloton, featuring instructors Robin Arzón, Adrian Williams, Matty Maggiacomo, and Callie Gullickson. These programs made their debut in early 2022. You can explore the dedicated pages for each program, complete with class lists and links:

Once these programs are officially launched, we’ll share all the details with Ben and Jermaine.

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