Lanebreak Game For Tread is Officially Here (Available Now)

Lanebreak has made its debut exclusively on the Peloton Tread machine, specifically the Tread model (not the Tread+). Peloton joyfully announced this exciting update through a press release:

Lanebreak Tread is now accessible to Peloton Tread Members worldwide. This fantastic addition blends exercise with gaming elements and music, creating an engaging cardio workout designed specifically for Peloton Tread users. This news comes after the successful launch of Lanebreak Bike in 2022, which has already seen millions of people enjoying Lanebreak workouts.

For those who might not be familiar with it, Lanebreak represents Peloton’s innovative exercise concept in the form of a video game, originally crafted for use with the Peloton Bike. Excitingly, it’s now expanding its horizons and making its way to Tread devices, offering a customized running workout experience instead of cycling.

The press release explains:

Lanebreak Tread offers an exciting exercise adventure, turning your workout into a thrilling game. To win big, just follow the animated signals on your tablet, adjusting your incline or speed. This experience, exclusively for All-Access Members with a Peloton Tread, blends captivating visuals, fitness challenges, and a heart-pounding soundtrack.

Lanebreak Game For Tread is Officially Here

Please note that, at this time, Lanebreak is exclusively available on the Tread, not the Tread+. You can access it by heading to the “More” tab, alongside Scenic Content and Just Work Out. Like previous releases, it may take a couple of days for it to be available to everyone on their Tread, though some may already have access as of this morning.

This is also where you’ll discover the new “Entertainment” feature, enabling you to stream YouTube TV and Amazon Prime TV if the beta has been enabled for you.

We’ve had the opportunity to try out Tread Lanebreak and will provide insights into the gameplay and what you can expect from Peloton’s treadmill video game below.

Just like the Lanebreak game for bikes, Tread Lanebreak offers five different difficulty levels for you to select from. In this game, you’ll encounter beats, where you earn points by staying in the correct lane, and streams, where you earn points by maintaining a specific speed within a given range. However, you won’t find any breakers, which are challenges that require a high output. This omission is probably for safety reasons.

Lanebreak Game For Tread is Officially Here

In Tread Lanebreak, changing lanes is accomplished by adjusting your incline. The game instructs you on which lane to be in and what speed to maintain, all based on the challenges we mentioned earlier that occur throughout the level.

Additionally, the game features a brand-new challenge called “auto incline hill,” known as Hill Moments, specifically designed for Tread Lanebreak. According to Peloton’s press release:

This fresh experience draws inspiration from Peloton’s Instructor-led classes and makes the most of the Tread’s hardware features to offer an immersive auto-incline adventure with a brand-new Hill Moment. As you approach a hill in the game, the Tread will automatically adjust its incline to match the curve you see in the 3D world displayed on the Tread tablet.

Aside from the relatively short Hill Moments, the Tread won’t automatically adjust its incline for you; you’ll have to manually change the incline to switch between lanes.

Start off your Lanebreak experience by choosing a playlist or level to take on. Lanebreak is all about music, aligning its challenges to its rhythm and intensity. At launch of each game there may be various playlists and levels to select from; with Cycling for instance we may see new levels added weekly! Once selected you can then decide your difficulty level which will determine speed ranges for running paces.

After you’ve completed each game, you’ll receive two separate scores. One is a star rating indicating how many challenges were completed successfully (ranging from 0%-100%), and an additional numerical score which positions you on a leaderboard for that level (including 7-day leaderboards and an all-time leaderboard).

Lanebreak Game For Tread is Officially Here

Notably, two users could both possess 100% star ratings, yet one may still achieve a significantly higher overall score due to simultaneous challenges happening in multiple lanes – those further right with steeper inclines tending to offer greater reward for completion due to being more challenging.

While there’s a leaderboard after your Tread Lanebreak session, it’s important to note that there’s no live leaderboard during the class itself. Unlike a typical Peloton class, you won’t see a real-time leaderboard showing others taking the same level simultaneously.

Your Tread Lanebreak workouts are saved to your profile, just like regular workouts, and they count towards your streaks and mileage challenges. You can also review your workout graphs in the workout summary details. If you have a heart rate monitor, whether it’s a Bluetooth one, the Peloton Heart Rate band, or an Apple Watch, you can pair it with Tread Lanebreak to monitor your heart rate during the workout.

One common worry related to playing Tread Lanebreak may be its potential to induce feelings of nausea. While each individual’s experience is unique, in our many runs of Tread Lanebreak we didn’t experience any such discomfort.

After just the first minute, we found that in most levels we could pretty easily set and maintain a consistent speed. Adjusting the incline to switch lanes became key; challenges in certain playlists allowed for such an approach; though this may not always be true depending on your chosen difficulty level or playlist.

Lanebreak Game For Tread is Officially Here

Experienced Lanebreak on the Bike players know the role music plays in creating the experience. According to Peloton’s press release, they enlisted world-renowned DJ Tiesto – also a Peloton member – as an advisor on creating an exclusive mix for Lanebreak on the Tread:

“Music possesses a special power to inspire and ignite our energy precisely when we crave it most. As a dedicated Peloton enthusiast, I grasp the significance of discovering that perfect track for the occasion. While crafting my recent album, ‘Drive,’ my aim was clear: to compose melodies that could propel you on your journey. It brought me immense satisfaction to curate a bespoke blend for Lanebreak Tread, a seamless complement to these tunes,” Tiësto enthusiastically shared.

Just a few weeks ago, Peloton gave us a little sneak peek, hinting at something fresh headed our way for the Tread. They dropped subtle hints about Lanebreak through some new images on the home screen.

You might remember that Lanebreak made its debut on the Bike back in February 2022. We were all abuzz about it last year when Peloton’s Senior Director of Product Management, David Packles, confirmed during a 2022 Homecoming panel that they were actively considering bringing Lanebreak to the Tread.

So, the big question now is: Are you ready and eager to witness Lanebreak’s expansion onto the Peloton Tread?

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