Peloton Extends Studio Credit Expiration Date for Some Members

With the news of Peloton Studios London (PSL) closing its doors for six weeks, Peloton has taken a proactive step to ensure members don’t miss out. They’ve extended studio credits for those whose credits were due to expire during this period.

Peloton reached out to eligible members via email with the subject line “Peloton Studios Refresh!” Here’s what the email says:

After our recent social media update last week, we want to keep you in the loop. Peloton Studios London is undergoing some exciting changes, and as a result, there won’t be any live classes at PSL from August 7th to September 22nd.

If you had credits set to expire during this time, we’ve taken the initiative to extend them until the end of this year.

Should you have any questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at or simply reply to this email.

Stay tuned to our social channels (@pelotonstudios) for the latest information on when class bookings will be back in action and for updates on upcoming events.

Our Peloton Studios Showroom at 12 Floral Street will continue to welcome you as usual. You can still explore our exclusive London apparel and check out our latest collection drops. We’re here to keep your Peloton experience top-notch!

Peloton Extends Studio Credit Expiration Date for Some Members

This means that members who were affected will now have their credits valid until December 30, 2023. You’ll already see these updated dates in your accounts.

Normally, studio credits last for a year. So, if you received an extension for PSL credits, you got them about a year ago and haven’t used them yet.

In case you missed the news, PSL is shutting down from August 7 to September 22, which is around six weeks. This temporary closure is happening so that Peloton can do some much-needed renovations and maintenance. For more information, check out our detailed overview article.

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