Peloton Instructor Experience For Peloton On Tour: Details From First Event In LA

Peloton’s inaugural “Peloton on Tour” is getting underway this weekend in sunny Los Angeles, California. It’s an exciting event filled with various activities, and the very first one was the “Peloton Instructor Experience” held on Thursday, July 13, 2023.

Additionally, you can find information about Friday’s Peloton Outdoor Walk & Talk events and details about the free group workout happening at UCLA on Friday in this update. There’s also a chance to learn more about the Peloton on Tour class tapings taking place on Saturday.

All these fantastic events happened at the Peloton showroom in beautiful Santa Monica, California.

Peloton Instructor Experience For Peloton On Tour

If this event is new to you, you can catch up on all the details for the Peloton on Tour’s Los Angeles stop right here.

Here’s how Peloton officially described the Peloton Instructor Experience:

Elevate your Peloton journey with three special chances to engage with multiple instructors. There’s a personalized photo booth to capture your memories, a spot to create amazing social videos, and a station to set intentions for your wellness journey. Enjoy every moment as you connect with your community and craft lasting memories!

We’ve received many inquiries about the Peloton Instructor Experience and what attendees can expect during the Peloton on Tour. Now that the first event has occurred, we can provide insights into what to anticipate in future cities. Please note that there may be slight variations between cities due to differences in showrooms and evolving processes.

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It’s important to mention that tickets for each event were priced at $60. At the Peloton Instructor Experience, members had the option to sign up for 30-minute time slots between 12:00 pm PT and 5:00 pm PT. With 20 tickets available per time slot, a total of 200 tickets were sold for this exclusive experience. Each ticket granted access to all three exciting stations within the showroom.

For the Los Angeles stop, attendees had the chance to engage in activities with Peloton instructors Kendall Toole, Adrian Williams, Katie Wang, Camila Ramon, and Ben Alldis.

Upon arriving at the store, attendees formed a queue outside, awaiting check-in by a friendly Peloton team member. ID verification was not required; they simply cross-checked your provided name with their guest list. After this quick check, you received a wristband and a designated number. Following that, you had the freedom to explore a merchandise booth set up outside. Additionally, you were asked to provide your email address, ensuring the delivery of digital copies of photos, videos, and media in the future.

When your number was called, you entered the store, with five people allowed inside at a time. Everyone progressed through the store in an orderly manner, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for all.

Peloton Instructor Experience For Peloton On Tour

As mentioned earlier, there are three distinct interactions awaiting you with your instructors. Yet, these instructors will be switching roles throughout the day, adding an element of surprise to your encounters. Additionally, one of the instructors will be on a break, leaving you to interact with four out of the five instructors in total.

Each instructor will be stationed for approximately 30 minutes before they all rotate to different roles. This pattern will persist throughout the day, ensuring a dynamic experience.

Furthermore, you’ll have the opportunity to capture official photos at each station. Interestingly, they will also snap some pictures with your phone, granting you immediate access to your own personal photo collection.

Your initial encounter unfolds at the “Social Media Station.” Here, you’ll find a single instructor ready to engage with you. During this brief interaction, you hold the reins in choosing the direction of your experience.

You’re presented with two enticing options. First, you can opt to snap three pictures together with the instructor, transforming them into a lively GIF that will be sent to your inbox later. Alternatively, you can select the second choice, where the instructor will create a personalized shoutout video for you, akin to the popular service Cameo.

Peloton Instructor Experience For Peloton On Tour

If you choose the video option, it’s unlikely you’ll get a chance to take a photo with the instructor because of time constraints.

The second option is like a photo booth. It’s important to note that all three stations have similar backgrounds. The difference is who you’ll meet and what you’ll do at each station. In this booth, there are usually two instructors. You’ll take several pictures with both instructors. However, depending on their schedules, there might be times when you only meet one instructor. In that case, you’ll interact with only three out of the five instructors present.

Peloton Instructor Experience For Peloton On Tour

Once the official photo gets snapped, you’ll receive a Polaroid print of it inside a special Peloton on Tour photo frame as a keepsake when you’re heading out.

Peloton Instructor Experience For Peloton On Tour

At this station, you can decide if you’d like to add some fun props to your photo with the two instructors. It’s all up to you!

Peloton Instructor Experience For Peloton On Tour

As I mentioned earlier, the instructors switch places from time to time. So, for instance, someone might have taken their photo at the second polaroid station with Camila and Adrian, but shortly afterward, it could be Katie and Camila manning the station. Things keep changing!

Peloton Instructor Experience For Peloton On Tour

At the end of your journey, there awaits a special spot called the “Set Your Intention” station. Here, a friendly instructor will accompany you. Your task is simple: jot down a personal goal you’re striving to achieve. The instructor will kindly transcribe your goal and add their signature, creating a precious keepsake for you.

Peloton Instructor Experience For Peloton On Tour

The words you’ve penned can be proudly displayed on a board right at the store’s entrance, alongside everyone else’s aspirations.

Peloton Instructor Experience For Peloton On Tour

When you’re about to depart, a delightful surprise awaits you – a swag bag filled with your treasures. Inside, alongside your cherished Polaroid picture framed with care, you’ll discover a Peloton on Tour sticker and a charming little tote bag. Don’t forget, your goal, signed by an instructor, is tucked inside as well.

Peloton Instructor Experience For Peloton On Tour

You’ll receive these goodies in a stylish little black swag bag.

Peloton Instructor Experience For Peloton On Tour

Later on, if you didn’t get a chance before, you can explore the merchandise available for purchase outside.

Peloton Instructor Experience For Peloton On Tour

Peloton offers unique souvenirs tailored for every tour location. Here are the prices for these special Peloton on Tour items:

  • Water Bottle: USD 35
  • Bracelet: USD 30
  • T-Shirt: USD 48
  • Large Tote Bag: USD 32.
Peloton Instructor Experience For Peloton On Tour

Please keep in mind that the large tote bag available for purchase is distinct from the small tote bag included in your swag bag.

If you decide to buy a T-shirt or tote bag, you can add a unique personal touch at no additional cost. You have the option to choose the Peloton P logo, palm trees with “Peloton” underneath, or your initials for customization. If you make your purchase before your scheduled time slot, your personalized item will likely be ready for you when you leave the showroom.

Peloton’s clothing line showcased a snapshot of the Los Angeles tour items on their Instagram stories.

Peloton Instructor Experience For Peloton On Tour

Certain instructors tend to be more talkative than their counterparts, yet Peloton personnel are always available at every station to maintain a steady flow without causing any undue haste. Individuals spent approximately 3 to 5 minutes at each station. As you navigate through all three experiences, anticipate spending about 20 to 30 minutes inside the showroom.

The single drawback mentioned by attendees was the uncertainty of meeting their preferred instructor due to random station assignments and break schedules. Nevertheless, in general, most reviews indicated that the event was highly enjoyable and well worth the $60 cost, particularly if visiting Peloton Studios New York or London for the studio experience seems unlikely. However, if you’ve already visited these studios, the price might appear somewhat steep, given that a studio class at PSNY is just USD 35.

We’ll definitely provide similar updates on the remaining weekend activities, so make sure to come back for more details. If you’re interested, you can also catch up on the Peloton Outdoor Walk & Talk that happened on Friday right here, and find out about the class recordings from Saturday by clicking here.

To discover all the cities and dates for Peloton on Tour 2023, simply check this link. And if you’re thinking about booking an event in another city, don’t forget to take a look at our guide on tips and what to expect when booking a Peloton On Tour experience here.

Are you considering attending the Peloton Instructor Experience if it happens to come to a city near you?

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