Peloton’s Matty Maggiacomo is Writing A New Book With His Mother

Matty Maggiacomo, the Peloton instructor, excitedly revealed that he’s teaming up with his mom to write a book. This delightful news has casually slipped into his classes over the past few months, and he recently spilled more juicy details in an interview with In Magazine.

When Matty was asked about his future plans, he replied with enthusiasm:

Evan and I have our sights set on starting a family in the upcoming years, so that’s the next exciting adventure on our horizon. Plus, I’m currently teaming up with my mom to co-write a novel, which has been a rewarding and time-consuming project this year. I’m ready to embrace whatever surprises the universe has in store for me!

Peloton’s Matty Maggiacomo is Writing A New Book With His Mother

Matty’s choice of the word “novel” hints that what’s coming is a story, not a life story or a guide to help oneself.

This year, the Peloton authors, including Robin Arzón, Alex Toussaint, Emma Lovewell, Ben Alldis, and Cody Rigsby, have either already released or will soon release their books in 2023.

Stay tuned for further updates about Matty’s upcoming book as we get more information.

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