Peloton on Tour LA: Outdoor Walk & Talks Photos/Reviews

This weekend marks the debut of the inaugural Peloton On Tour gathering in sunny Los Angeles, California. The exciting event kicked off on Thursday with the exclusive “Peloton Instructor Experience,” a fascinating insight into which you can explore further. Following this, fitness enthusiasts came together for a fantastic group workout at UCLA. The grand finale occurred on Saturday with the thrilling class tapings.

This past Friday, Peloton members seized a special opportunity to join the “Outdoor Walk & Talks,” held every hour from 7:00 am to 11:00 am PT on Friday, July 14, 2023. We extend our appreciation to dedicated Peloton members like @DesiraeRingled and @VioletMeyer, along with others, for generously sharing event photos and their impressions, which you’ll find in this article.

Peloton eloquently described the Outdoor Walk & Talks as follows:

Begin your day on the perfect note with Peloton. After enjoying an invigorating Outdoor Walk on the app, take the next step and join us live for a picturesque walk guided by your beloved instructors. Each session kicks off with a delightful 15-minute warm-up, setting the mood for a refreshing one-mile stroll. You’ll leave feeling revitalized, motivated, and deeply connected.

This fantastic experience features four separate walks, and tickets are up for grabs for each one. Expect each walk to last about an hour, and you’ll have the pleasure of being led by two skilled instructors on each journey.

Tickets for this event were priced at $60, and participants could select their preferred hour slot. Interestingly, the surprise element was the choice of instructors; it was a delightful mystery unveiled only upon arrival. Approximately 35 tickets were snapped up for each hourly session.

Peloton on Tour LA Outdoor Walk & Talks Photos Reviews

During every hour, there were two friendly instructors accompanying the group on their walk. The wonderful instructors who graced this event were Adrian Williams, Kendall Toole, Katie Wang, Ben Alldis, and Camila Ramon. Now, let’s take a peek at the delightful pairings for the Peloton Outdoor Walk & Talks:

  • 7:00 AM – Williams Adrian & Ramon Camila
  • 8:00 AM – Toole Kendall & Alldis Ben
  • 9:00 AM – Ramon Camila & Wang Katie
  • 10:00 AM – Toole Kendall & Williams Adrian

As you stepped into the Peloton Showroom in sunny Santa Monica, where the adventure began, you’d find the cheerful Peloton team eagerly waiting. They had a list of all ticket holders and happily checked your name against it. Once they spotted your name, a colorful wristband became your badge of honor, marking you as part of this exciting event.

Peloton on Tour LA Outdoor Walk & Talks Photos Reviews

After you completed the check-in process, you were directed into the showroom, where you awaited the beginning of your session. About 10 minutes before your session kicked off, your group was gathered in an open plaza just outside the studio, forming a sizable circle. At last, the two instructors assigned to your group joined you outside, greeting everyone warmly with microphones in hand so that their words reached everyone clearly.

Peloton on Tour LA Outdoor Walk & Talks Photos Reviews

The event kicked off as the instructors guided everyone through quick warm-up exercises like jumping jacks, stretches, and lunges. Once the warm-ups were done, members were instructed to arrange themselves into two long parallel lines, marking the official start of the walk.

Peloton on Tour LA Outdoor Walk & Talks Photos Reviews

Participants were guided out of the mall, where the showroom was nestled, and onto a scenic jogging path along the beach, following Ocean Boulevard. This path provided beautiful views of the water and the iconic Santa Monica pier. Leading the way was one instructor at the front, while another followed at the back of the line. Throughout the walk, both instructors made an effort to weave through the line, warmly greeting and engaging in conversations with each person as they strolled along.

As the instructors aimed to give everyone their fair share of time, the nature of such events sometimes led to some participants having lengthier conversations with the instructors, causing them to run out of time before connecting with everyone.

Apart from this, because of the group’s size, some members found it challenging to engage in lengthy discussions (or any discussions at all) with the instructors. Additionally, a few members mentioned instances when it was difficult to hear the instructors while they were addressing the entire group.

Peloton on Tour LA Outdoor Walk & Talks Photos Reviews

In addition to the instructors, a few Peloton staff members joined the members on the journey. One of them carried a speaker to ensure that when the instructors addressed the entire group, their voices rang out clearly. Another staff member played the role of a camera person, capturing memorable moments along the way. One of the highlights was a group photo taken in front of the picturesque beach.

At the halfway mark, the group made another stop. Here, the instructors infused energy back into the participants, guiding them through lively calisthenics and refreshing stretches to keep everyone invigorated.

Peloton on Tour LA Outdoor Walk & Talks Photos Reviews

After finishing the calisthenics, the instructors turned the group back toward the showroom. As they walked on, folks noticed the parallel lines fading away as they went further. However, the coaches made an effort to chat with everyone, weaving through the crowd.

At last, when everyone had returned to the mall area, the instructors and members entered the showroom. Inside, you had the opportunity to snap a photo with both instructors in front of a Peloton On Tour backdrop. These snapshots were taken using members’ own phones, thanks to one of the Peloton staff members (unlike the Polaroid prints available at a booth during the Peloton instructor Experience on Thursday).

Peloton on Tour LA Outdoor Walk & Talks Photos Reviews

The entire walking experience, including breaks, took about 45 minutes from leaving the store to returning. The distance covered was roughly 1.25 miles.

During and after the walk, some members noticed other instructors who weren’t in their assigned groups also strolling about. A few lucky folks had the bonus opportunity to meet and chat with them.

Similar to the Thursday event, participants were given some complimentary goodies to take home. At the Outdoor Walk & Talk, everyone received a Peloton-branded fanny pack/running pouch as a souvenir.

Peloton on Tour LA Outdoor Walk & Talks Photos Reviews

Furthermore, you had the choice to buy the identical custom Peloton On Tour Los Angeles clothing that was available for purchase on Thursday. The cost remained consistent, with the following prices:

  • Water Bottle – USD 35
  • Bracelet – USD 30
  • T-Shirt – USD 48
  • Large Tote Bag – USD 32.
Peloton Instructor Experience For Peloton On Tour

You can find a comprehensive list of all the cities and dates for the Peloton on Tour 2023 right here. And if you’re thinking about booking a spot in one of the other cities, make sure to explore our helpful tips and insights in our guide on what to expect when booking Peloton On Tour.

For more details, you can dive into our coverage of the Peloton Instructor Experience on Thursday and the exciting Peloton class tapings that happened on Saturday.

Does this event pique your interest? Would you consider attending?

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