Peloton on Tour Free Group Workout In LA: Review & Photos

When Peloton on Tour announced its first stop in Los Angeles, California, the tickets sold out incredibly fast. In less than 10 minutes, all $60 tickets for the activities were gone. This left many eager Peloton members unable to attend.

However, in a delightful turn of events during the event week, Peloton surprised everyone. They revealed a last-minute addition: a free group workout right on UCLA’s campus. No RSVP was needed, and everyone was welcome. All you had to do was show up and join in on the fun.

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Special thanks go out to our members @hans_short_for_hansome, @joanna116, @beautyandthebenchpress, @cosmicdivinelove, @sugibear, and many others who generously shared their experiences and photos from the group workout event. You’ll get a glimpse of it all in this article.

The Peloton on Tour group workout had a planned start time of 2:00pm PT, set to kick off in the vibrant Bruin Plaza on the UCLA campus.

Upon arriving at the plaza, members had the freedom to choose their preferred spots. Although the event was scheduled for 2:00pm PT, it didn’t actually begin until roughly 2:10 or 2:15pm PT.

The Peloton instructors made their entrance from a nearby building, greeting the eagerly assembled members with friendly waves. They then strolled over to the elevated platform in the plaza, ready to lead the workout from there.

Peloton on Tour Free Group Workout In LA Review & Photos

All five Peloton instructors from the LA weekend attended the event: Adrian Williams, Katie Wang, Kendall Toole, Ben Alldis, and Camila Ramon.

Once all the instructors gathered on the platform, they kicked off the workout. It lasted for about 30 minutes, just as they had promised when they introduced this extra session. Each instructor took their turn guiding the group through different parts of the workout. The class was evenly divided among the coaches, with each one leading for approximately 5-6 minutes before passing it on to the next instructor.

Peloton on Tour Free Group Workout In LA Review & Photos

Adrian Williams kickstarted the workout, guiding everyone through a warm-up session. Then came Ben Alldis, taking the lead for a couple of minutes, focusing on strength exercises. Following Ben, Kendall Toole stepped in, leading a brief shadowboxing segment. Camila Ramon then got everyone moving with some cardio exercises. Lastly, Katie Wang wrapped it up by guiding everyone through a soothing cooldown stretch, marking the end of the workout.

Peloton on Tour Free Group Workout In LA Review & Photos

As the workout unfolded, instructors not currently leading the segment demonstrated modified versions of the exercises, ensuring that participants of all skill levels could join in. At times, some of these instructors also strolled through the crowd to offer guidance and support.

Peloton on Tour Free Group Workout In LA Review & Photos

After the workout wrapped up, there was a brief window to snap a quick selfie with some of the instructors. Plus, everyone gathered for a group photo to capture the memories of everyone who joined in.

Peloton on Tour Free Group Workout In LA Review & Photos

Regrettably, not everyone had the chance to snap a photo. The instructors managed to stick around for an extra 5-10 minutes after the class, but security was urging them to move on to their next commitment. It seemed like the instructors would have liked to stay a bit longer for more pictures, but security was keeping things tight.

As mentioned earlier, this event didn’t require any fees or online RSVPs. Nevertheless, since it was held at UCLA’s campus, some attendees had to cover parking expenses.

Peloton on Tour Free Group Workout In LA Review & Photos

Despite being a cost-free event, Peloton still generously offered some complimentary goodies to those who attended. Some participants received stylish Peloton hats, while others were delighted to snag resistance bands along with cool stickers.

Judging from pictures and the accounts of attendees, it appeared that roughly 75 to 100 members enthusiastically joined in on this impromptu workout session. However, it’s worth noting that this event was scheduled in the middle of the workday at 2:00 pm PT, with an announcement made just under 48 hours prior through @PelotonStudios’ Instagram stories, which might have affected the turnout.

As for future plans, it remains uncertain whether Peloton will continue to host these group workout sessions at every Peloton Tour stop. Rest assured, though, that if they do, we’ll provide all the pertinent details in our coverage of upcoming events.

Peloton on Tour Free Group Workout In LA Review & Photos

To discover the list of other cities and their respective dates, you can refer to our initial overview article on Peloton on Tour.

Interestingly, some members managed to attend both the earlier Walk & Talk event and this complimentary workout. Surprisingly, a few of them expressed that the free event offered a more enjoyable experience compared to the paid walk & talk event. The reason being, during the walk & talk, where each group consisted of approximately 35 people, it could be challenging to hear, and not everyone had the opportunity to interact with the instructors. However, there was one key difference: the Walk & Talk event, which required a $60 ticket, guaranteed participants a photo with the two instructors afterward, whereas at the free group workout, you might have had a chance for a selfie, although it wasn’t accessible to everyone.

Would you consider attending a free Peloton group workout if it came to your city?

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