“Road To Your 26.2 – Part 2” Peloton Marathon Training Program For Runners

Welcome to the exciting journey of ‘Road to Your 26.2 – Part 2,’ Peloton’s marathon training plan and program! This is the second phase designed to guide you on your marathon running adventure. In Part 2, spanning six weeks, we’ll help you build on your progress by extending your long runs and honing your race pace.

Throughout these six weeks, your longest run will reach an impressive 16 miles. That’s a significant achievement in your marathon training journey!

Please take note that some of the original classes were removed back in July 2022. However, we’ve diligently updated the class list.

Here are the 1st and 3rd parts:

Program Overview

Program Description

Let me share with you the official scoop on “Road to Your 26.2 Part 2” straight from Peloton:

“In the second phase of the program, you’ll have the chance to gauge your progress as you begin to increase your mileage and become more at ease with your target race pace. You’ll reach a remarkable milestone by completing your longest run of 16 miles. Plus, to support your journey, you’ll find strength classes to complement all those miles you’re putting in on your feet.”

Program Badges

At Peloton, they love to celebrate your achievements with badges! Here’s how you can earn them:

Complete 24 classes, and you’ll proudly receive a shiny Bronze badge. Keep pushing, hit 34 classes, and you’ll be sporting a Silver badge. But the ultimate prize, the Gold badge, awaits those who conquer 44 out of the total 48 classes. Happy earning! 🏅💪


Meet the fantastic nine coaches who will be your guides on the Road to Your 26.2 Part 2 program:

How To Join

As of the moment this information is being shared, you have several options for joining our programs. You can hop on board from your Peloton Bike, Tread, Peloton Digital app, or our website. It’s as easy as pie – just navigate to the programs section, locate the Road to Your 26.2 Part 2 program, and click to join. We’re here to make it effortless for you!


Here’s a rundown of the classes you’ll find for each week within the program. It’s worth mentioning that as part of Peloton’s revamped program experience, these classes are initially “locked” and will only become accessible as you make progress through the program. However, don’t fret! You can simply click on any class name in the list below to locate it. From there, you have the option to bookmark it or add it to your stack and start taking it whenever you’re ready. We’ve got your convenience in mind!

1st Week Class List & Schedule

This week, it’s time to put your skills to the test. Follow the plan from week 6 and see how much progress you’ve made. At the end of the week, take on that 12-mile run and see what you can achieve!

2nd Week Class List & Schedule

In the coming week, you’re in for a real treat. You’ll conquer your very first 45-minute tempo run in this program, and as a well-deserved reward for your efforts, enjoy a shorter long run covering 8 miles.

3rd Week Class List & Schedule

You’re right in the middle of your journey to the starting line! This week, let’s check your progress by tackling that 45-minute tempo run once again. And don’t forget, it’s time for your second 12-mile long run. You’re doing great!

4th Week Class List & Schedule

In this week of your marathon training, it’s time to add some more time to your race preparation run. As you lace up for your 14-mile long run, take a moment to celebrate the fact that you’re now more than halfway to the full race distance! Keep up the awesome work!

5th Week Class List & Schedule

Get ready for a significant week ahead! It’s time to extend your tempo run, take on your first 60-minute marathon race prep, and challenge yourself with your longest run yet – a whopping 16 miles! You’ve got this!

6th Week Class List & Schedule

In the week ahead, stick with the plan from last week. If you’re feeling motivated, take the chance to see just how much you can elevate your performance compared to last week! Keep that inspiration going!

If you’re interested in discovering more about the various training programs offered by Peloton, you can visit our webpage for a comprehensive list.

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