A Self Care Retreat Program with Anna Greenberg

Earlier today, Peloton made an official announcement about their brand-new offering, “A Self Care Retreat,” led by Anna Greenberg. This program spans over a week and is packed with a blend of relaxing yoga and meditation sessions.

Peloton had given us a sneak peek of this program at the start of this month, stating its arrival on May 22nd. However, the release ended up being a few days later than initially planned, though the exact reason for this change remains unclear.

Anna Greenberg’s fresh program joins the ranks of the “Approach” series of yoga programs on Peloton. Alongside Anna’s program, you can also find others like Mariana Fernandez’s “Flow to the Finish,” Kirra Michel’s “Path to Inversions,” and Ross Rayburn’s “Power Restorative Yoga.”

For all the intricate details about Anna’s new yoga program on Peloton, scroll down below.

Overview of Peloton’s “A Self-Care Retreat” Program with Anna Greenberg

Peloton’s “A Self-Care Retreat” Program with Anna Greenberg Description

Let’s take a look at Peloton’s own words for “A Self-Care Retreat” with Anna: “Come along with Anna and treat yourself to a relaxing retreat, all from the cozy corners of your home!”

Peloton’s “A Self-Care Retreat” Program with Anna Greenberg Badges

Of course, Peloton wouldn’t forget the badges! Once you finish 4 classes, you’ll snag a shiny Bronze badge. Complete 6 classes, and you’ll upgrade to a cool Silver badge. And if you conquer all 8 classes out of the bunch, you’ll proudly earn the prestigious Gold badge.

A Self Care Retreat Program with Anna Greenberg

How to Join the Peloton A Self-Care Retreat Program with Anna Greenberg

Right now, as this info is out, you can hop into these programs using Peloton Bikes, Tread, their Digital app, or the Peloton website. All you’ve got to do is head over to the programs section, locate the “A Self-Care Retreat” program, and hit that join button. And if you’re looking for the program on the Peloton website, just follow this link.

Class List & Schedule for Peloton’s “A Self-Care Retreat” With Anna Greenberg Program

Here’s the rundown of classes for each week in the program. Remember, due to Peloton’s revamped program approach, these classes are initially “locked.” You’ll unlock them as you move forward in the program. Still, no worries—just click on any class name in the list below to locate it. From there, you can either bookmark it or add it to your queue and enjoy it whenever you’re ready.

Week 1 Class List & Schedule for A Self-Care Retreat Program on Peloton

Across 7 days, you’ll craft a special place just for you, make room for self-care, and wrap up the week feeling refreshed and renewed.

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