Will Lanebreak Become Available on Peloton Tread? Rumor

Peloton has given us a sneak peek of an exciting surprise coming to the Tread. It looks like they’re about to introduce their video game, Peloton Lanebreak, to the Tread. This conclusion is based on a picture that has been circulating on many Tread devices and shared in various Facebook groups.

Recently, some members have seen a pop-up image on their Tread with the heading “Something New Is Coming.” The message encourages users to elevate their workouts: “Move like never before. Change your walks. Change your jogs. Change your runs. In just a few weeks, we’ll be unveiling something that will revolutionize your Tread experience.”

Will Lanebreak Become Available on Peloton Tread

Additionally, there’s a new banner on the home screen with the same exciting announcement.

Will Lanebreak Become Available on Peloton Tread

Social media has been buzzing with curiosity as people try to figure out what this exciting development could be. Many are speculating that it might just be Peloton Lanebreak, the video game that originally launched on the Bike last year.

Coinciding with the appearance of this teaser popup, members also noticed a second banner further down on their Tread’s homepage. This banner left no room for doubt as it boldly proclaimed, “Lanebreak For Tread.” These intriguing images have made their way to various platforms, including the OPP Facebook group. Below, you can find a publicly shared post from OPP that showcases one of these images.

Will Lanebreak Become Available on Peloton Tread

Given the timing of this banner’s appearance, it strongly suggests that Peloton is in the process of bringing Lanebreak to the Tread, and this is what we can expect to see launching in a few weeks.

In our previous reports, we highlighted Peloton’s active exploration of incorporating Lanebreak into the Tread. This was confirmed by Peloton’s Senior Director of Product Management, David Packles, during a 2022 Homecoming panel discussion.

As new information about the upcoming Tread announcement surfaces, we’ll be sure to keep you informed. Based on the timeline provided, it looks like this announcement is slated for early July. Do you have any hunches or predictions about what Peloton might be teasing? And would you be excited to give Lanebreak for the Tread a try?

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