Peloton Adds Ability To Connect Bluetooth Cadence Sensors In Its Android App+ For Cycling

Peloton just introduced a cool new feature for their Android app – now you can link up with Bluetooth cadence sensors during your cycling classes. This nifty addition has long been a part of the iOS app, but finally, Android users can enjoy it too. You’ll find this feature in the latest Peloton Android app version, 3.4.0. The release notes read as follows:

Great news for App+ and All-Access Members! You now have the option to link up a Bluetooth cadence monitor to your indoor bike, giving you live workout data while cycling. When you’re about to kick off a cycling session in the app, just tap ‘connect devices’ to pair up your cadence monitor.

Peloton Adds Ability To Connect Bluetooth Cadence Sensors

Peloton just gave their support page a fresh update, and here’s what they’ve got for you:

Whether you’re using the Peloton App on Apple® iOS or Android®, now you can seamlessly link up a Bluetooth®-ready cadence sensor straight to the app. This nifty feature lets you keep an eye on your real-time cadence during your cycling workouts, making it easier to follow your instructor’s guidance. Once it’s all connected, you can keep tabs on your cadence stats during classes and even take a peek at them in your workout history.

Peloton Adds Ability To Connect Bluetooth Cadence Sensors

Cadence sensors are handy tools for folks using a basic spin bike to keep track of their pedaling speed. These sensors are usually attached to the bike frame itself. With the help of a cadence sensor linked to the Peloton app, even those using non-Peloton spin bikes can measure their performance alongside the instructor’s cues.

Here’s a straightforward guide on how to connect your cadence sensor:

  1. Begin a cycling class through the app.
  2. Locate the “connected devices” button and give it a click.
  3. Find the “cadence” option and tap on it.
  4. Select the name of your device to pair your cadence monitor, and you’ll soon see your real-time pedaling speed metrics displayed.
  5. The next time you start a workout while wearing your cadence monitor, it will automatically connect without any hassle.

Stay on track with your cycling progress using these easy steps!

Peloton Adds Ability To Connect Bluetooth Cadence Sensors

Most sensors compatible with iOS should function smoothly on Android devices too. It’s important to mention that this specific feature is exclusive to Peloton App+ subscribers, which is the premium membership tier priced at $24 per month. This announcement was made in one of the graphics during the launch of the new membership tiers.

Just to jog your memory, for everyone who joined the Peloton app before May 23, 2023, they’ve been labeled as “Peloton App Legacy.” This special tag grants them access to App+ features without the $24 per month fee. This generous arrangement will continue until December when, if they haven’t chosen the App+ tier, they’ll be moved over to App One. Just a heads-up, though, App One users won’t have access to Bluetooth cadence features within the Peloton app.

It’s important to mention that All-Access Members, which includes those who own a hardware device, enjoy the same privileges as App+ subscribers. This means they can use cadence sensors with any app they prefer.

For all you Android app users out there, are you thrilled about the arrival of cadence sensing in the Android app?

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