Tunde Oyeneyin Will *Not* Be Teaching Peloton Tread Classes

If you’ve been keeping up with Peloton instructor Tunde Oyeneyin on social media, you might have noticed she’s been talking a lot about running lately. If you were thinking she might become a Tread instructor, well, she’s cleared that up.

Tunde Oyeneyin Will Not Be Teaching Peloton Tread Classes

In a recent cycling class pre-show, Tunde addressed the idea of her teaching Tread classes:

“I’m excited to let you know that I’m not going to do that. Why would I? We’re already doing great things together. Let’s keep running as my personal hobby.”

Tunde shared the clip on Instagram with this caption:

“The question many of you have been asking… 🎉🎉”

Tunde Oyeneyin Will Not Be Teaching Peloton Tread Classes

Although she might be trying to stop the guessing, it’s probably safe to say Tunde won’t be part of the Tread team anytime soon.

Recently, Tunde became a full-fledged instructor, teaching full body, lower body, upper body, and core classes. Before, she focused on upper body strength workouts, along with her cycling and bike BootCamp classes.

A few other Peloton instructors have also expanded into Tread classes, and Tunde isn’t the only one who’s made it clear she won’t be joining the running crew. Back in 2022, Cody Rigsby explained that even though he was running more, he wouldn’t be coaching Tread classes.

However, there is a new Tread instructor on the horizon. There’s buzz that Mariana Fernandez will start teaching Tread classes soon.

Are you feeling a bit let down by Tunde’s news? Would you be interested in taking a running class led by her?

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