New Classes Launched: Peloton Yoga Focus Flows for Rowers

Peloton just introduced an exciting addition to their yoga offerings: the Focus Flow for rowers. They happily announced this on their Instagram page.

Peloton already offers Focus Flows tailored for cyclists and runners, and now they’re including rowers in the mix. This unique class format is specifically designed to incorporate movements that will benefit individuals who spend time using a rowing machine. Here’s how they describe the class:

“In this yoga class, we concentrate on poses that complement your efforts on the rowing machine, ensuring you feel rejuvenated and prepared for your next workout.”

New Classes Launched Peloton Yoga Focus Flows for Rowers

As of now, there are two brand-new classes available for you to explore.

You can find both of these classes in the regular on-demand library and also in the Yoga for Cross Training Collection. This collection includes all the yoga focus flows made for runners, cyclists, and rowers.

New Classes Launched Peloton Yoga Focus Flows for Rowers

Just like the focus flows for runners and cyclists, we expect more focus flow classes for rowers to be added in the future.

In case it slipped your notice, Peloton has just unveiled a unique focus flow class for runners, led by Denis Morton and Matt Wilpers, to mark the occasion of Global Running Day on June 7th.

New Classes Launched Peloton Yoga Focus Flows for Rowers

Are you a fan of these cross-training yoga focus flow sessions? Are you eagerly anticipating more offerings like these from Peloton?

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