2023 Father’s Day Peloton Classes Added to Schedule

Sunday, June 18th is a significant day as it’s Father’s Day in the United States, and Peloton has some exciting plans to commemorate this special occasion. They’re set to host a variety of unique classes in celebration. These exclusive classes were featured in the “This Week at Peloton” highlights post on Peloton Studios’ Instagram account.

The Father’s Day celebration will include seven distinct classes, spanning across five different exercise modalities. Additionally, there will be “Para Los Padres” classes available in Spanish. As of now, it seems that only two of these classes will be conducted live. However, there’s some uncertainty regarding when the remaining classes will be made accessible in the on-demand library.

To get a glimpse of the complete list of classes for Father’s Day, take a look below.

2023 Father’s Day Peloton Workouts, Schedule, and Classes

  • 20 minutes Para Los Padres HIIT Cardio [in Spanish] – with Rad Lopez [On Demand]
  • 20 minutes Para Los Padres Ride [in Spanish] – with Camila Ramon
  • 20 minutes Para Los Padres Slow Flow [in Spanish] – with Mariana Fernandez
  • 20 minutes Father’s Day Ride – with Cliff Dwenger [On Demand]
  • 30 minutes Father’s Day Run – with Becs Gentry [On Demand]
  • 15 minutes Father’s Day Row – with Katie Wang [On Demand]
  • 30 minutes Father’s Day Full Body Strength – with Callie Gullickson [On Demand]
  • 20 minutes Father’s Day Run – with Hannah Frankson [On Demand]
  • 30 minutes Father’s Day Yoga Flow – with Chelsea Jackson Roberts
  • 30 minutes Father’s Day Ride – with Ally Love
2023 Father's Day Peloton Classes Added to Schedule

Apart from the English lessons, we’re bringing in three “Para Los Padres” Spanish classes. Once they’re done, you’ll find them in the special Father’s Day collection. You can also use this collection to go back to previous classes, like those from 2022 and 2021.

It’s worth mentioning that Peloton organized classes for Father’s Day in Germany last month, which was on May 18, 2023. Cliff Dwenger led a cycling class in German, and Jeffrey McEachern hosted a running session in the German language.

We don’t expect there’ll be a badge for Father’s Day classes this time.

And just a reminder, Peloton has a Father’s Day hardware sale running until June 19, 2023, in both the U.S. and Canada. You can save $200 USD / $250 CAD on the original Bike, Bike+, Tread, and Row.

Wishing a Happy Father’s Day to all the #PelotonDads out there, especially those on the leaderboard!

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