Peloton Invites to Virtual Rowing Class

The bulk of the Peloton rowing instructors will be participating in a virtual event that Peloton has scheduled, and the company has also dropped hints that live rowing lessons should begin very soon.

Members have said that they were sent an invitation to an event through email that was titled “Get to Know Your Row Instructors Virtual Event.” On January 31 at 12:30 p.m. Eastern Time, it will be live. Adrian Williams is going to be the master of ceremonies for the event.

In addition to them, Ash Pryor, Alex Karwoski, and Katie Wang will be coming on board. Matt Wilpers is the sole teacher from Peloton Row who will not be participating in this virtual event.

Peloton Invites to Virtual Rowing Class

This will be a dialogue with the trainers as they prep for their Live Classes in Studio, as mentioned in the event summary. Peloton has said in the past that they anticipate live rowing lessons would start somewhere around the beginning of 2023.

You may sign up for the virtual event at:  (it is completely free to do so).

Although this virtual event gives users a taste of what to expect from live rowing courses, it does not provide an answer to another topic that the community has been waiting for – namely, when Peloton members who do not possess the Rower will be allowed to participate in rowing lessons. Even though it has been verified that rowing courses would be included in the app, a precise release date has not been provided.

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