4 New German Split Strength Programs & German 5k Pace Setter Collection Now Available

Peloton just dropped four fresh split strength programs and a brand-new collection for outdoor 5K pace setter running in German.

If you’re into strength training, you’ll be glad to know that Peloton’s got you covered. The strength guru duo, Erik Jager and Marcel Maurer, have cooked up something special. Erik presents an intermediate three-day split and a more advanced five-day split. On the other hand, Marcel offers two intermediate options: a 3-day split and a 5-day split.

4 New German Split Strength Programs & German 5k Pace

What’s cool is that all of these new split strength programs are designed to fit neatly into your week. You’ll be sweating it out with either three or five 30-minute split strength classes, depending on the program you choose.

Now, if you’re curious about the nitty-gritty details of each program, including the full class lists and handy links, just scroll down for all the info you need.

Peloton German Split Strength Training Programs

When we talk about “Split Strength” programs, it means the classes zoom in on specific muscle groups mentioned in their titles, instead of the usual upper or lower body approach.

4 New German Split Strength Programs & German 5k Pace

Peloton’s got a whole crew of trainers for these split strength programs, including Callie Gullickson, Matty Maggiacomo, Robin Arzón, Adrian Williams, Ben Alldis, and Jermaine Johnson.

If you’re ready to dive in, the new German Split Strength programs are accessible through the app, web browser, or your trusty hardware device.

But wait, there’s more! Introducing the fresh 5K Pace Setter collection in German. These are outdoor audio classes built to keep you company during your 5K run, pushing you to meet your specific pace goal. The instructors will be right there with you, giving you guidance at every half-mile mark to make sure you hit your target pace.

4 New German Split Strength Programs & German 5k Pace

Whether you’re aiming for a 5, 6, 7, or 8-minute pace, there’s a class for you. Don’t forget the 10-minute warm-up class. And hey, if English is your jam, there’s an English version that came out in 2022.

Taking you through these German 5K pace-setter classes are Mayla Wedekind, Tobias Heinze, Marcel Maurer, and Jeffrey McEachern.

Remember, there’s a badge waiting for you when you complete any of the 5K pace setter classes (except for the warm-up, of course).

Ready to lace up those shoes? The new German 5K Pace Setter Collection is ready and waiting for you on the app or web browser. Get out there and conquer that pace!

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