Jess King as Dj Yass King in the Pursuit of a Professional Dj Career

Jess King has her sights set on a career as a professional DJ, performing under the stage name DJ Yass King. Recently, she made her DJ debut at the Highside Workshop in New York, in support of her wife Sophia Urista’s band, the Jelly Club. This exciting event took place on April 1, 2023, with Jelly Club performing at 9:00pm and Jess King, going by DJ Yass King, taking the stage at 10:30pm. The night also featured performances by Kahiem Rivera and DJ BurnE.T.

In April, Jess shared her excitement about the debut, saying, “And a DJ was born. 🪩 Still on a high from last night, debuting with none other than @sophiaurista and @jelly_club_. I’ve been dreaming about this moment for a long time. Thanks, babe, for being the motivation I needed to make this happen! This endeavor feels absolutely right and so darn good!”

Jess King as Dj Yass King in the Pursuit of a Professional Dj Career
Jess King as DJ Yass King from her first set.

She even teased her fans, saying, “You like my ride playlists? Just wait until you experience my live sets. 🕺 Thank you to everyone who came out to support last night. I love all of you so much. When’s the next one? 🔥”

It’s important to note that Jess King’s new DJ journey does not mean she’s leaving Peloton or stepping back from it. Like some other Peloton instructors, such as Ally Love joining the Today Show and Jess Sims joining Good Morning America, Jess is pursuing her passion while staying connected to her Peloton community.

Jess King as Dj Yass King in the Pursuit of a Professional Dj Career

Back in February, Jess hinted at her DJ persona on social media with the message, “Say Hello to DJ Yass King.” More recently, she shared her excitement about being behind the scenes at Coachella for DJ LP Giobbi’s set. She expressed her admiration for Giobbi, saying, “Can’t wait to open for you one day!”

Jess King’s interest in the EDM genre has been longstanding. Last year, she launched her “EDM EDU” class series, where she educates members about electronic house music and the various categories and sub-genres within it. Recently, EDM EDU returned for another season, with Jess and DJ John Michael providing insights into the world of electronic music. They revealed that this season would focus on different record labels.

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