Mariana Fernandez: Newest Peloton Tread Coach Teaching Running

Big news alert! Get ready for some exciting updates from Mariana Fernandez, your favorite Peloton instructor. Guess what? She’s taking her talents to the running track! You might remember her from those calming yoga and meditation sessions in both English and Spanish. Well, now she’s all set to lead invigorating running classes too.

Mark your calendars, because Mariana’s very first Tread class is on May 4th at 7:00pm ET. It’s going to be in English, so everyone can join in the fun. And hey, that’s not all! There’s a Walk+Run session planned for May 14th at 9:00am ET.

Mariana Fernandez Newest Peloton Tread Coach

Hold on to your fitness goals, because Mariana’s not stopping there. Pretty soon, you can expect some on-demand running and walking classes from her too. They’ll be added to the on-demand library to accompany her debut live class.

Speaking of which, Mariana gave us a sneak peek earlier today with an Instagram post. The picture showed her making the transition from yoga mats to running shoes. The caption read: “A little more Mariana… ♥️Fusing my Passions♥️ Are you ready?”

Now, for the language twist. While these initial classes will be taught in English, who knows what the future holds? We’ll have to wait and see if Mariana decides to bring Spanish language Tread classes to the Peloton community in the coming months.

Mariana Fernandez Newest Peloton Tread Coach
Mariana Fernandez Teasing The News of Here New Role as a Peloton Tread Coach

And guess what? This isn’t Mariana’s first rodeo on the Tread. She taught a scenic run and ride from Puerto Rico back in 2022. And let’s not forget her impressive marathon and Ironman triathlon achievements.

Remember the whispers back in March about Mariana’s move to the Tread? Well, it’s official now. She officially joined the Peloton family just over two years ago in April 2021. Get ready to lace up your sneakers and join Mariana on this exciting new fitness journey!

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